One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


1. The concert

Sorry I forgot to mention that lily is Sarah's best friend!

Tomorrow is the big day that Sarah and lily are going to the concert, they both have a favourite boy but they do love them all. BEEP BEEP BEEEP BEEEEP "aaaagghh it's 6am, Lily wake up we have to go to work" screeched Sarah in her unpleasant morning voice. Lily just rolled over and put her pillow on top of her head showing no interest in going to work. "Fine looks like u won't be getting the extra money for the concert tomorrow" " IM UP IM UP" Sarah went and got into the shower while lily started making breakfast. After Sarah got out she now dried her dark brown hair and out it into a heigh pony tail and headed downstairs for breakfast. A/N! (Sorry I forgot to mention both girls are 18 and live together in a two floor house in Cheshire England but they are Canadian) "mmmmm bacon!!" "I swear all you do is eat, you probably eat more than Niall" "maybe we're soulmate s " the girls hade a bit of a laugh fight then started getting ready for work. They both work at Starbucks and absolutely love their job.
*8 hours later (after work)*
WE HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO GEt BACK STAGE PASSES!! Sarah screamed after she finished counting the extra money they earned from both working 4 extra shifts a week, in total they now have 1037$ enough for back stage passes and a little extra cash for shirts or souvenirs. " we're going to one direction were gonna meet the boys!! What if zayn doesn't like me or he thinks I'm to girls" all these questioned were running through Lilly's mind. See zayn is Lilly's favourite because she always has fallen for the whole bad boy type but Sarah's favourite would have to be harry.

*the next day*
Lilly's pov
SARAH WAKE UP WE SLEPT IN ITS ALREADY 3 IN THE AFTERNOON!!!! " omg We only have three hours left to get ready we have to hurry otherwise were never going to be ready in time! Replied Sarah. Sarah decided to wear blue and white short shorts with a tie died tank top that has tassels at the bottom, that says 1D in graffiti letters. I chose to go with pink and purple short shorts with a similar style tank top but mines a belly shirt to show off my 1D belly ring and lime green vans. I curled my hair and lily straightened hers we both just went with normal makeup, top eyeliner, mascara, foundation and a little bit of blush. By the time we were done it was time to go.

Authors pov
The concert started at 6:30 and it was 5 now. They girls jumped in there pink punch buggy and drove to the venue. Once they got there they got to their floor seats and And waited anxiously for the concert start. All the lights started to dime and the boys ran on stage! The first song the sang was kiss you Lilly's favourite then truly madly deeply Sarah's favourite.( for those of you that don't know, truly madly deeply is one of there songs but its not on the album look it up on YouTube you will love it)

Sarah's pov
"I could have sworn harry looked straight at me when they sang Kidd you but there's about 20 other girls around us so it probably wasn't." After the concert was over we headed back stage, we showed the security our passes and waited in line for our turn to meet the boys. " thank god were last that means we get the most time!" Lily was jumping up and down she was so excited. When it was or turn the first boy was Liam I gave him a hug and said yellow than next was louis he cracked a joke then gave me a hug next was niall he gave me a horan hug definitely the best hug I've ever had. A zayn gave me a hug and went and said hello and lastly was harry. The boy I've had a crush on ever since he was on the x-factor. I don't know what it is bout him that makes me love him. Maybe it the way his curls perfectly flow or his emerald green eyes that just make die when you look into them. "Hello love and what's your name." Thank fully Harry's questioned snapped me out of my day dreaming. " Sarah and is great to meet u harry, your definitely my favourite out of all the boys." " thanks Sarah and that's a beautiful name" that made me blush a little me and harry talked a bit more while lily said he hellos.

Lilly's pov
I'm so nervous yet so relaxed. I can't believe I'm actually meeting the One Direction. First was Liam "hi Liam" he said hello gave me a hug and that was all, I didn't expect him to be so shy. Next was louis he pulled the same joke with Sarah with me but I have to say it was funny, I have him a hug and went to the next boy. Nails turn, he gave me his world famous horan hug and said hello next was zayn. The zayn. I knew I was getting more nervous now because I started playing with my hair. " hey love and what might your name be?" That one question made me freeze. How could I forget my own name! I'm so stupid!! I finally regained my self and managed to reply. " my names lily, it's great to finally meet you" finally meet you what's wrong with me I sounds like some creeper, but thank fully he didn't seem to think much of it. Me and zayn talked for a bit I defiantly could see myself marrying this guy. Oh shut it lily you sound so weird! Than,fully I'm only thinking.

Authors pov
The girls time was up unfortunately so they had to leave, all the boys seemed to like the girls but harry and zayn seemed to fancy lily and Sarah. "IM STARVING LETS EAT" niall growled. All the boys immediately rush the girls out they knew what was about to happen the girls thought it was weird but they walked away anyways. While they're walking away they thought they heard a scream but they thought they are both going crazy so they ignored it. Just as they were about to leave they heard another this time it sounded like someone was getting hurt.

Sarah's pov
We were just about to leave when we heard a terrifying scream. "Lily lets to see what's happening" at first she didn't budge but then she started walking with me. We walked all the way back to the boys dressing room without finding anything, right before we opened the door we heard talking. "Shh let's listen and see what we can hear" we both pressed our ears against the door trying not to be heard. "Niall how could you just kill her like that!" Yelled I'm Guessing harry, "I'm sorry I was hungry!" Angrily replied niall. We both got scared and got up to run but lily had to bump into an electrical cart for sound and sent it smashing on the floor with a big thud. Just then everything when quite.
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