amy cardinal is just your normal tenage girl with brown wavy hair and bluish greenish greyish eyes who one day was going home from school and was kidnapped and was being draged to an old cabban and was really scared then she seen a friend come out the door she was screeming his name and he droped his school bag and came running he faught the guy and helped amy get away. you'll have to read the book to get the rest


3. chapter3



        Amy 's P.O.V.

  I'm a huge horror movie fan and as soon as im asked to watch a movie i automaticly think of horror movies. " how about we play truth or dare" said Niall " yeah" I said really exited. " Harry truth or dare " said Niall "dare" said Harry " I dare you to kiss Amy " said Niall " wait what " I said really scared because i just went through a breakup. I started leaning in but I couldn't do it i got up and ran into the bathroom. I got in there as fast as i could then locked the door.

"AMY LET ME IN" I heard Harry scream. I opened the door slowly and let him in. " Amy it's ok you don't need to be scared of me". " I don't know what I'm doing anymore " i said. " why don't you just go to bed you look tired ". " yeah your right" I said in a calm voice. " I'll grab your bag and show you your room" he said with a smile on his face. I smiled back and we went upstairs to my room. After Harry left the room I took out a black tank with some thin black pants I sliped them on and went to bed.




   sorry its not that long I just wanted to end the day



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