amy cardinal is just your normal tenage girl with brown wavy hair and bluish greenish greyish eyes who one day was going home from school and was kidnapped and was being draged to an old cabban and was really scared then she seen a friend come out the door she was screeming his name and he droped his school bag and came running he faught the guy and helped amy get away. you'll have to read the book to get the rest


2. chapter2

they pulled and pulled but Riley let go of my arm and i hit my head on the sidewalk.

   Tanners P.O.V.

 Amy just hit her head on the sidewalk i need to get her to the hospital so i picked her up and ran to my car i drove to the hospital and they rushed her into the room i was waiting inthe lobby trying to calm myself down .after about 20 minutes the docter came out of the room and told me she is in a coma and she should wake up in  between 10pm and 9am i went into the room she was in and just stared at her shes so pretty ive had a crush on her ever since 4th grade but ive never had the curage to ask her out . it was 10pm

       * 2 hours later*

shes waking up i called the docter as she was waking up the docter walked in and watched her wake up her eyes opened slowly as i was staring at her

" Tanner where am i and what am i doing here" she said in a crackaly voice

"your in the hospital and whats the last thing you remember " isaid in a scared tone

" last thing i remember is you fighting Riley then it all went blank " she said in her normal voice

" was that the last thing that happened " said the docter

"yes " said Tanner

" when can i go home" said Amy

" anytime your ready" said the docter

" ok Tanner lets go" i said really exited

we left the hospital but on the way home i finally had the curage to ask her so i will it might be hard but ill do anything for her to say yes

" Amy can i ask you something" isaid bravely

" yeah sure" she said

" w-w-will you g-g-go out w-w-with me


sorry its not long but bro is buging me to go onthe cumputer so ill update again soon



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