amy cardinal is just your normal tenage girl with brown wavy hair and bluish greenish greyish eyes who one day was going home from school and was kidnapped and was being draged to an old cabban and was really scared then she seen a friend come out the door she was screeming his name and he droped his school bag and came running he faught the guy and helped amy get away. you'll have to read the book to get the rest


1. chapter 1


          Amy's P.O.V.


 Amy cardinal was your normal teenage girl with brown wavy hair and brownish greenish greyish eyes . i was on my way home from school when Riley (the bully) grabed my wrist and strted pulling me to an abandond cabin i seen one of my best friends come out the door TANNER HELP TANNER i said in a scared voice. he looked over to see Riley pulling me away . " i'm coming Amy " said Tanner. he droped his school bag and came runing he caught up to Riley and i and started fighting him " go Amy go" he said to me it hurt so bad to run but i had to get away i turned my head back to see Riley beet up on the football court and Tanner runing after me. once he caught up with me Riley was chasing us. so we ran as fast as we could until Riley caught up and grabed me and pulled me down. then Tanner gabed my arm and Riley grabed the other.



           A / N :


hope you guys like it more will come soon dont forget to read my other book Lost.



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