Degrassi • Im Part Of Degrassi!

Its about a girl, Maddy and her best friend Julia.
And she has 2 twin sisters and they dont look different or something.
And Her 2 sisters, Fiona and Hanna and she self are audition for degrassi.
Fiona is doing a audition for the part of: Grace Looper
Maddy for: Elisa Looper
Hanna for: Teddy Looper.
They are a tripple in the show to.


2. Degrassi • Maddy's Audition

So i walk into the room.

A fat man start to yell at me.

And i just said my lines.

He laught at me?

And i yelled at him.

And he said: 'You are awesome!, i want you for the part of... Elisa! she is a character who loves to sing, dance and to date. Do you want this part?',

In 2 sec i knew that it was now or never and when he almost walked away i said: 'YEEEEEES!!!!!!!! I WANNA BE ELISA!!!!',

'Alright, see you in a month',

Im so happy and i forgot to ask him the script.

'Uhm?, can i have the script?',

'Yes here sorry',

Well now im going to wish my siters luck and go to the mall.

'Good luck, Fi and Han, i got the part of Elisa!',

'Thats awestruck!!!',Yelled Fiona.

The next minute i was in the mall.

And when 20 minutes where done i went to home.




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