annabella is a 14 year old girl who lives in a seaside cottage with her friend ed and her sister sapphira


2. How it happened

One morning, I got up. There on the edge of my bed was my morning mocha. Ed likes to indulge me with a mocha at regular intervals throughout the day. I took a sip and then breathed in the sea water smell and put my head back. 

After a quick five minute doze, I got up and drank the rest of my mocha. I picked up a magazine from the bookcase on the way out and then stumbled through the hallway to the kitchen. I slid into a chair at the kitchen table and started to fork salad onto my plate. 

When I had finished breakfast and the magazine, I went back to my bedroom and pulled on a stripy bikini and a maxi dress. Then I went out to the deck and sat down on my lounger. A few minutes later, Ed came outside. He took one look at me and said,

"Well I can't see Sapphira, I don't know about you,"

without even looking back, he raced down the jeti and into the water, I squealed as he cannonballed into the water and then threw my magazine down and slipped my dress off. 

"You ready?!" 

I yelled it to Ed who just nodded. 

"Whoa, here goes," 

I screamed running down the jeti. I star jumped into the lovely warm water and found Ed under the small waves. 


I shouted out as I grabbed onto one of his legs then, slowly he pulled me closer. I hugged him.

"Morning, beautiful"

He whispered it into my half blocked ear. I pulled away, beautiful, well he used to call me Cinderella and she was pretty nice looking but beautiful? Wow, he must have got out the wrong side of bed.

"What did you call me?!"

"Beautiful, you really are, especially when you have wet hair and water droplets streaming down your face."

I was shocked, I hugged him.

"We might be best friends but that's as far as it goes"

I said pulling away. I grabbed the rope ladder and hauled myself out.

"No! stay in, I was enjoying that, I never get to talk to you when Sapphira isn't here. She acts like your mother,"

"Well she kinda is, I mean when was the last time you saw my real mother getting me up and making my breakfast?"

"You have a point but she gets on my nerves, and I, I... Oh it doesn't matter."

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