Love is the most precous thing anyone can ask for. To no that there is someone out there who spends every second of their day thinging about you, anticipating for the next time that they can set their eyes on you.

Its has been a long time for me. I bearly remeber what it feels like for some one to love you, this its my story...


3. The Orphanage



"DINNERS READY KIDS!" yelled Tony. Tony was the caretaker/cook/owner of the place. None of us can tell you how kind he was to us. He was in his seventies, had short, soft, white hair with a cow lick one side. No matter how much he cared for us he was lacking in his cooking skills. He usually burned most food but occasionally depending on how much of a bad job he did let us get a take away. He minded 18 of us 12 boys and 6 girls.

The girls stick together and so did the boys. The girls Ok they were cruel. They had hated me ever since Zayn took a shine to me. Hazella was the worst. She had shoulder length curly hair. She was short and pretty. She adored Zayn! No matter how much I tried to explain we were STRICTLY friends she still didn't believe me. I'm sure she was a nice girl, she just changed her mind quickly. When I first came she was Lovely to me. Really made me feel at home. We were pretty good friends... for two weeks. One day she told everyone I had been using her for her "popularity". Nobody was really popular at the lyon orphanage. We all had our friends and we stuck to them.

I entered the dining room. It was a small room with a wooden chandalier hanging from the roof with tacky green wall paper one three walls and one wall painted white. Tony wasn't exactly the richest man in the world but we were happy there. As I walked in to the room  I spotted Zayn sitting in the same spot with the same empty chair beside him saved for me. Hazella entered the room from the other side of the room and occupied the chair. She threw me a snotty look and I gave Zayn an "it's ok I'll be fine, just ignore her and let her win" kind of looks. 


Zayns POV

She is such a snob! Why is she so mean to alex!?!?! Thats it I can't take her any more! I stood up and spoke up:

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! That poor girl has had an extremely hard month and all you've done is betrayed her!" 

I stormed out of the room. I'm sorry... I'm just the type of guy that can't take non-sence like that! I'm also the guy with great hair! :P I walked outside and took in the fresh summer breeze. Refreshing. A white van pulled up and I hid around the corner. A tall, well-built man with a bald head stood out. He pulled out his black suitcase and walked towards the door. Tony let him in. As soon as they closed the door I went in through the back door.

Who was he? Why was he there? What did he want?

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