Silenced. That's what I am. But the world need to know who I am. What I am.


1. 20

I walked into the office of my new school.  The last school before the day.  "My name's Lena.  I'm new here." I said.  "Last name?" The secretary asked.  "I don't have a last name." I said.  "Ok then.  Here's your schedule." She said, handing me a slip of paper.  I walked out of the office and headed to my first period class.  20 more days.  20 more days and I'm out.  "Hello, Lena.  I'm Mrs. George.  Take a seat please." Mrs. George said, gesturing to a seat.  I sat down in the back and started fiddling with my necklace.   I counted the rings on it, realizing there were 21 instead of 20.  I dragged my finger across it and took it off of the necklace.  "Lena, why don't you come on up here and answer the equation on the board." The teacher said.  I got up and walked to the front of the class.  I took the marker from her and faced the board.  The numbers blurred and mixed with the letters, showing me the answer.  "The square root is 25." I said.  The whole class was staring at me in shock.  "Correct!" Mrs. George said.  I sat back down in my seat and tuned out for the rest of the class.


The rest of the day went by in a blur and soon enough, it was time to go home.  I walked out the front door and started to walk home.  "Hey, Lena!" somebody called.  I turned around.  "Hey, I'm Talen." He panted.  "You need a ride?" Talen asked.  "No." I said.  "It's freezing out.  Let me give you a ride." He insisted.  "Its not exactly safe where I live." I protested.  "I'm willing to take chances." Talen said.  "Fine." I said.  I followed him to his car and got in the passengers seat.  he started up the car and I directed him to my home.  "This is?" Talen asked, gesturing to the thick woods in front of us.  "Yes." I said, getting out of the car.  "I'm walking with you." He said, getting out of the car too.  "You don't need to." I protested.  "But I am." He said.  I groaned and started walking into the woods.  Talen was running to keep up with me.  I slowed to a stop in front of a large tree.  "You live up there?" He asked, confused.  "Its the only safe place for me to live." I said, sitting down on the ground.  "Why not in a house with gates and security systems like most people do?" He asked.  "Its a lon-" I said, cut off by the sound of a twig snapping.  I sniffed the air.  "Get up.  We need to run." I said, getting up and grabbing my bow and arrow from underneath the leaves.  "What?" Talen asked.  "See that tree over there?  Climb to the top so you can't be seen.  I'll explain later." I said, pushing him towards the tree.  He ran towards the tree and started to climb up it.  I ran to another tree and climbed up to the top.  I notched back and arrow and aimed for the wolf on the ground.  I let the arrow fly and the wolf howled in pain.  I sniffed the air one last time to make sure they were gone and jumped out of the tree.  "Talen, you can come down." I said, walking over to his tree.  He slowly climbed down.  "What was that all about?" He asked.  I walked over to the fallen wolf and took the arrow out from its head.  I took my dagger and cut off a piece of its fur.  "Lets go.  We need to go some place hidden." I said, walking further into the woods.  We came upon a small creek.  I sat down on the bank and washed me arrow and dagger.  "Can you explain what that was now?" Talen asked.  "This is why you shouldn't have come." I muttered.  "What?" He asked.  "I'm being hunted." I said.  "By wolves?" He questioned.  I turned to him, "Those aren't ordinary wolves.  Those are Hunters.  They track down the Grednations." I snapped.  "Grednations?" He asked.  "The offspring of a forbidden love.  I'm the only Grednation that has survived this long." I said.  "I'm confused.  Start from the beginning." Talen said, rubbing his forehead.  "My father was a werewolf.  Not the kind you're thinking of.  We have control over what we do on a full moon but we can't control when we turn.  Like when we're angry.  My mother was a angel.  When an angel and a werewolf mate, their off spring is an Grednation.  Grednations are werewolves mostly, but they arent completely in control.  On an eclipse, they turn.  Legend has it that they turn for good, but no Grednation has survived to an eclipse.  Because Grednations are part angel, they have special powers.  Not in the good way, though.  When and angel has a forbidden love, they become Fallen.  Their powers are no longer a good thing.  If a Grednation can control their turning when they're angry, they won't be able to control their Fallen powers.  I'm a Grednation, Talen.  That's not why I'm being hunted, though.  The Hunters kept watch on me for a year.  They discovered that I'm the first and only Grednation that can control both of their powers at the same time." I said.  "Isn't that a good thing?" Talen asked.  "Not the way they see it.  They think that by being able to control both powers at once means that I can use them both at once.  But you can't, believe me, I've tried." I said.  "That's why on the eclipse, I need to reveal myself to every one.  To prove that I'm not what they think." I said.  "This is crazy." Talen said.  "And I live it everyday." I muttered.  "Any other things I need to know?" He asked.  "This." I said, standing up.  I relaxed my shoulders and shook out my wings.  Talen stared at my 13 foot wingspan.  "Shouldn't they be white because you're part angel?" He asked.  "No.  They could be, but they're black because of my wolf genes.  Because my fur is black, my wings are black." I explained.  "You should go home.  It's getting late." I said, looking at the sky.  "You're staying at my house.  It's not safe for you to stay out here." Talen said.  "Fine." I said.  We got up and walked out of the woods.   We got into his car and drove to his house in silence.  When we got there, we were greeting by his mother.  "Mom, this is Lena." Talen said.  "Can she stay here for a while?  She doesn't have a place to stay." Talen said.  "Sure thing!  Lena, you can stay in the guest room and borrow some of Rebecca's clothes." She said.  "Thank you." I said as me and Talen walked upstairs.  I walked into the gest room and laid down on the bed.  I slowly drifted to sleep wondering what I had gotten my self into.

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