Saving Lil *ON HOLD*

We usually tell our best friends everything. our crushes our embarrassing stories, our secrets-- but sometimes there are truths so deep and dark that we cant tell anyone. not our parents, not our sisters... not even our best friends. some secrets are so unspeakable that we keep them safely locked away so no one will discover them.
but what happenswhen they become more than you can handle alone? will some one help and come to the rescue or will she fall into an endless nightmare?-----------


1. Run

                         my vision blurred, and the only thing in my mind was, 'get up!' and 'Run!' i quickly lifted my head from the cold hard floor. nobody around i got up opening the window the moist, cold, wind hit me like a ton of bricks, quickly looking behind me, seeing it all clear so i jumped from the four story window. my stomach droped and fliped as i fell aimlessly at the ground. when i hit, it was my head. my head had hit the ground pain surged through my body altering my life forever without my knowing yet at that moment all i could think of was to run, run from them, run from those, those.... assholes. i ran adrenaline pumping through my veins carrying me further, feeling as though i had an endless supply of energy. but it wont last for long considering i havnt ate in close to three weeks or slept by choice in ten weeks, its not as though i had a choice though, they wouldnt let me! i ran across the street, running in front of cars, past people, feeling somthing sticky on my neck i reached up and ran my finger across the warm, slimely, liquid and my heart droped. it was blood. i then changed my course in a different direction hoping to find a hospitle, turning the corner i came to a big dull building with lots and lots of overly cleaned windows and doors, but having the sign i was looking for. i ran in the front sliding doors and stoped, i stoped runnig, worring ad stoped being scared to death. i grabed at my head suddenly feeling the pain and dizziness, "H-help." i shreiked before my vision became darker, my head became lighter and i passed out.

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