Falling for him

What happens when a small town girl in London and a one direction boy meet at a place where only sick people go will there be love or will someone get in there way of it. I know this intro is bad but idc. I hope you guys like it. It is my first fan fic plz comment on what you think if u have any ideas or anything. I am okay with hate just not to much lol. Okay thanks I hope ur having a great day ��


1. New day 😃

woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside my room and thought the melody was really peace full I got interrupted in my thoughts when I heard my mom calling, "Its time to wake up you have to go to school soon," I rubbed my eyes and shuffled out of bed. I got a quick shower and went to my wardrobe I grabbed a pair of preripped shorts and a tank top. It was perfect weather to wear this outfit after that I headed downstairs and saw pancakes on the table. "mmm pancakes," I grabbed a seat next to my dad and started shoving a mouthful of pancakes into my mouth. My dad turned to me and said, "Are you ready for your first day of school," "Actually dad I am a bit nervous," I said worried. "Its gonna be okay kiddo," my dad said. I did not want to go to a new school I missed my old friends so much! It is so hard to make new friends. at high school especially. I looked at the time and I was going to be late for the bus I swallowed what I was eating, then kissed my parents goodbye and ran out the door, trying to get to my bus in time. I had just got there when the public bus came up. I put the money in to pay and sat down at a random seat. After a girl sat right next to me, "Hi, my name is Allysia," she said, "Hi, my name is Lyla," I said. "Are you going to Manchester High," she said, "Yeah I am. Are you a student there?" I asked. She nodded saying yes, and I was glad I had made at least one new friend. The bus stopped as it pulled up to the school and I walked to the school with Allysia and saw what my classes were. I had... math, history, religion, art, drama, geography and French. Allysia was in all but one class with me. The one class that she wasn't in is math which, is the one I suck at most. She showed me to my class and then started to run to hers. I walked inside and saw all the students sitting down and the teacher looking at me, "ohh, this our new student Lyla everyone," the teacher explained. I could see on her desk the name plate that had said Mrs.Bell. After she was done introducing me I went to go take my seat. I could see three girls sitting at the back texting on there phones and making faces at me. I could all ready tell they were really mean. One hour later, I had finished two of my classes and went to the cafeteria For lunch. I was all ready starving. I picked up a tray in the cafeteria, chose some food and grabbed a bottle of water. I tried to find where Allysia was sitting. When I saw her she was sitting next to two of her friends. One of her friends was wearing all black and had black hair, the other girl had a nose piercing and the other girl had blonde hair and was wearing a floral dress. I walked over and sat right next to Allysia. "Hi," I said trying to introduce myself. Then Allysia introduced me to her friends, "Lyla this is Raven and Lily," she said. "Raven and Lily this is Lyla," she said. They said, "hi," and began to make little conversation. "So what classes are you in," Lily said, "I am in Math, History, Religion, Art, Drama, Geography and French," I replied. Lily smiled and said that she was in Art, Geography and French. Raven said she had Math, History and Religion. I thought I noticed Raven in math class, she kinda scared me at first but once I got to know her at the cafeteria she was really nice. She said she was goth, but not a scary goth. I smiled and nodded. After lunch I went straight to Religion with Allysia and Raven. Then I hugged Lily and said goodbye. When I got into Religion class I saw those mean girls again. I felt them making faces behind my back. I asked Allysia what those girls names were Allysia said, "the one with brown hair is Chelsey, the one with red hair is Sofia and the one with blonde curly hair in the middle is the queen bitch her name is Ashley." Uhh I never liked the name Ashley it always sounded mean but I could not judge, I have an old friend named Ashley and she is super nice. "Settle down boys and girls, my name is Mr.Litschgy. I will be your religion teacher for the whole year. Now I need some one to hand out the religion books and everyone has to turn to page three," he said. "I will pick Ashley to hand out the books" he said again. "uhh fine I will do it," She rolled her eyes and handed out the books, but when she got to me she dropped it right on the floor infront of me and said, "oops sorry, my mistake," and then she gave me an evil grin. I rolled my eyes and just picked up the book. After that I could just tell she was out to get me. After Religion I went to Drama with Allysia. Allysia grabbed my arm and told the teacher I was a new student, "okay class settle down," the teacher said, "today we have a new student I would like to introduce...uhmm," "Lyla,"I whispered, "oh yes this is the new student Lyla," she continued. After the teacher introduced me she told me to take a seat on the stage. So I sat next to Allysia. "Okay class we are going to be doing some acting exercises, so pick a partner and take a place on the stage," I picked Allysia and we were at the front of the stage. I saw Ashley with a guy, I think his name was Justin. Although, I am not quite sure, but when I looked at her she gave me an evil stare, it just gave me chills down my spin like she was going to do something bad. I just ignored it and returned to listening to the teacher, "okay settle down now, okay first I want you to do some mirror exercises," the teacher explained. I took Allysia and we started doing weird things. "Okay now I want you to do some words from your favourite play an then present them to the class," the teacher explained again. So I told Allysia we should do a scence from Romeo and Juliet which I loved. She agreed. I was Juliet and Allysia was Romeo which was kinda weird, but whatever. I then looked at Ashley and Justin, they were doing the same one but they miserably failed because they did not know what they were suppose to say so I started to laugh a bit. I think Ashley heard me because she looked at me and gave me another evil grin. I just ignored her and carried on with what i was doing. When we were done practicing we started with the real thing. The teacher said we did great. Ashley and Justin were up next, "where aout thou Romeo and uhmm," Ashley said. the teacher said, "that was enough and started shaking his head in disappointment everyone had started laughing a little especially me. I saw her look at me so angerly after that. The bell rang for us to have a little break. I was about to walk of the stage when I saw Ashley coming over to me and Allysia. "You know if you keep making me look bad your gonna regret it, watch your back" Ashley said angerly. As she was tip toeing away she tripped me. I fell off the stage, my head was throbbing and my leg and arm hurt really bad. I saw everyone crowd around me trying to get me up. "Call 911!" I heard the teacher scream. I tried to stay awake but I could not. I felt my eyes drifting and then I fell asleep (not dead just unconscious)
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