Dance Niall Horan Love Story

This is a story about a girl named Allison. She loves to dance and she is 18. She has a gay best friend named Jake. Her and Josh dance and they both love it. They live together and they dance in there flat so they can practice instead of going to a dance studio. When one day Allison saw Niall Horan and Liam Payne at a coffee shop and they chat for a bit...


1. Waking up , dancing , coffee

Allison's PROV. 

 I woke up at 11:00 and got dressed in this ;   I went into me and Jake's dance thing in our flat and i started stretching and then after i practiced dancing Josh had a note on the door and it said ''Going to Starbucks come after your done practicing i might find guys there ;) Ahhaaa Jakexx'' I laughed and went back into my room and changed into this ; then i got into my car and drove to Starbucks and park in a spot.

I get out of the car and go into Starbucks and find Josh and sit beside him and he bought me my favorite drink i hugged him and sat down at the table and we talked about stuff and what we were gonna dance to when we both got home and stuff like that and i saw this really cute blonde boy with his friend who had a shaved head they ordered and sat a table beside us and i continued talking to Josh and my iPhone fell on the floor and i wasn't paying attention and the cute blonde haired boy picked it up put his number in my phone and gave it to me. 

Of course i said thanks and he said your welcome. Damn he was hot as shit. He had blue eyes and blonde hair like me. Ahhhh. I finished talking to Josh and i told Josh we should get going cause we had to practice our dances. We both left and got into my car and i drove to out flat and we both went in and i went into my room and changed into my dance clothes Josh did the same thing. My dance clothes for home looked like this ;    While me and Josh were dancing someone texted me and it was the cute blonde boy i suppose was Niall and he asked if him and 1D his band mates could come over today and i said yes and gave them our address and said just come in when they get here and just find the dance room. 

After i sent the text i went back to dancing with Josh. We were still dancing when the door opened and closed. I started doing my solos and they came in and Josh told them to sit down on the floor and wait for me to be done and the Josh exited the dance room to change. When i finished dancing i told Josh and the boys i shall be back i just need to change and told them to go into the living room and i went up to my room and got changed into this ;

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