Getting braces

This is a Niall horan fan fic about how he got braces please tell me what you think


1. The first time a the ortho

Today is the first day Niall has to go to the orthodontist and he is really scared. I have been friends with Niall since I were five so you went with him I was driving and he was in the passenger seat shaking I put my hand on his knee and said it is ok Niall you will be fine I promise. The boys were in the back seat talking zayn could tell Niall was scared because he was shaking. It is ok mate this is why we came with you Niall asked can you guys come back with me I answered well niall if you want them to they can but I have to because of the paper work. OK but if any thing Hun it will be OK I promise. We pulled in the parking lot and Niall screamed and I had instantly calmed him down the boys helped me then we walked in and he saw a little kid going through the pain he ran to the door but Liam stepped in front of the door and stopped him I sighed Niall in and the nurse called him back and I went with him so did the boys he sat in the chair and started shaking again. Lauren will this hurt only a little Niall it will be just like at the dentist buddy ya Niall just like at the dentist Liam said. OK Niall the doctor said this will not hurt at all just relax I told him he had me on one side with Liam and zayn and Harry and Louis on the other side I took his hand and said Niall it will be ok Hun I promise he nods his head in fear he was scared thinking he would be in pain wanting to leave. I told him we can go to nandos and he smiled and said ok he opened his mouth and the doctor said this might take a while Niall had gotten scared and then he had said this might hurt a little bit we have to move the tooth so it will hurt a little ok niall. Niall calm down ready with me deep breaths ok in out in out keep going there you go. OK are you ready Niall it will only hurt a little on three one two three and he moved the tooth Niall started scream I whispered in his ear Niall breath calm down I know it hurt it is ok Hun I am right here ok keep breathing.
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