Fading Whispers

Acacias mum was in a tragic car accident, and didn't make it. Acacia falls apart from...everything. No one knows what to do no one but Harry. Can he save her and bring her life back to happiness? Will everything be okay again at some point, or will she give up on everything...including life.


2. Chapter 2; Be mine?

Acacia's P.O.V


Yeah, I think peach would look better." Gabriella mumbled helping me figure out what I was going to wear. Gabriella was my best friend, and was also dating Louis. They've been together for three years.


"Acacia ... how old are these carrots?" Lou came in holding an orange bag of carrots. "Six years." I mumbled back. "What?!" he said spitting orange all over my carpet. "I was just kidding!" Gabriella and I started laughing. "Meany..." He mumbled under his breath before leaving.


"Okay I got your outfit!" Gabriella said after she managed to stop laughing. "Bri! It's beautiful." I gasped. She took my old peach colored dress and shortened it adding sparkles along the belt line. "Thank you." She replied proudly handing it to me. I slipped it on over my spandex shorts and strapless tank top.


"Where are you guys going anyways?" She asked staring at her nails. "Don't know he didn't say. All he said was dress fancy." I answered sighing at my relection. "Mmmm." She nodded understanding. "Well you two look good together." "Thanks." I smiled at her.


"What are you gonna do if he asks you to be his girlfriend?" She asked and I raised and eyebrow at her. "Don't know haven't thought about that." I choked out my words feeling more nauseous than before. "Just think about it now love." She ran across the room bringing me my shoes.


They were a nude color and they were probably about 4 inches tall! I put them on my feet glancing at the time, Harry should be here any minute. Just then we heard a knock on the door, and my stomach began doing flips. "Ready?" Gabriella asked before walking in front of me. I followed her without a response.


I stared at my feet as I walked down the stairs, but looked up to see Harry in a tux with his jaw dropped. I smiled then feeling myself blush a little bit. "You look amazing, beautiful, and so many other things." he said as I stepped down to reach the floor. He came over and kissed my cheek and laced his fingers through mine. "Aw. She's growing up babe." Louis said to Gabriella. "I know it seems like yesterday we had to change her nappy every other two hours." She acted like she was wiping tears from her eyes.


"Oh shush." I said. "Shall we go?" Harry said chuckling. "Yes please." I nodded. We said goodbye, and then Harry walked me out to his car. "Ladies first." He said and opened my door. "Thank you." I said as I got in. He jogged over to his side of the car and swiftly got in. "You really do look beautiful Acacia." He said as his bright green eyes stared into mine.


"Thank you Harry. I don't think I've been called beautiful by a guy before. Well except Liam, but that's different." He chuckled "Well you are beautiful, and you deserve to be told everyday." I felt the heat rise up to my cheeks so I turned and looked out the windo unable to speak. He was so sweet, so sweet.


The car started to pull foward out of my driveway, and Harry turned the radio on. Small bump by Ed Sheeran started to play and I sighed happily. We pulled up to a small restaraunt a little over 30 minutes later. It was lit by dangling fairy lights on the roof. Harry came over and opened my door for me, "Out you go." he said and he took my hand in his again.


"Styles." He said as we reached a small man sitting behind a desk. "Right this way sir." He said and stood up grabbing two menus. We were seated at a table in the back with a white tablecloth. It differed from the other tables, because the other tablecloths were black. We also had a small red candle lit right in the center unlike the rest of which didn't. "What do you think?" He asked causing my eyes to snap back in front on me to Harry.


"I love it. It's beautiful." My words came out fast and jumbled together. "Not as beautiful as you Acacia." He placed his hand on top of mine on the table. "Harry.." I breathed out. He smiled and removed his hand from mine. "Have you decided on drinks?" the waiter asked coming back to our table. "Wine." Harry said abrubtly. "Any wine?" the girl asked. He nodded and she strided back the other direction.


"Harry we have school tomorrow, the last day." I said just remembering. "I know we won't be out too late I promise." I nodded, "Okay." The girl brought us two glasses and a bottle of white wine. She poured it for us, and aske dif we wanted any food. I shook my head as did Harry. "Harry don 't take this the wrong way, but I'm not a fance restaraunt type of girl..." I managed to get the word out as nice as possible. "I'm not really 'fancy' either. I just thought since your a girl and all.." He choked on his words a bit. I Laughed, "I am a girl indeed, but not a girly girl."


"I have an idea.." he said putting money on the table. "Take your heels off." He said. "What?" I asked confused. "Take your shoes off." I did as he said. He grabbed the hand that wasn't holding them, and we ran. We ran out the entrance of the restaraunt and got ito his car. He began driving until we reached a burger place.


He orded us burgers, fries, and drinks. We drove to park a couple blocks away, and sat on the hood of his car eating. "This is much better." He said smiling. "Yes, it is." I replied. "Well now we know we're both lazy bums who eat fast food all the time..What should we talk about?" I said with a mouthful of food.


"Let's just sit here the stars are out tonight." I nodded looking up to the sky. I finished my food so I was just drinking my coke. Water sprinkles started to fall down from the sky. "Harry?" I said. "Yeah?" He replied. "Well it's kind of um...raining." "Oh shit!" He jumped off the hood and grabbed my hand, but instead of getting ing the car we ran the opposite way. "Harry where are we going?" I yelled. "You'll see!" he shouted back.


We ran for a couple more minutes before stopping at what looked like a fort. "Niall and I built this when were about eight. I came for a summer and we had so much fun." He said staring at it. The rain was pouring now. "Come on get in!" He shouted. Harry pulled me in behind him and I fell on top of him giggling. "ouch." He said. "Sorry." I said rollling off of him. He pulled me back before I got fully off. "You weren't hurting me silly, I fell on a stick." He tapped my nose causeing me to giggle.


"Oh." I managed to get out. "It's cold in here." I said. He put me down beside him and wrapped his arms around me. I laid my head down on his chest and looked up. "Aww you can see the stars still." "Mhm." He nodded. We lay there in silence for a while just staring at the sky. Harry broke the silence, "I really like you Acacia." He looked down at me. "That's hard for me to say because I'm not the type to like a girl when I know so little about them." He brushed my cheek with his thumb leaving that spot numb. "I like you too Harry." I smiled at him making eye contact.


"Well I like th little things I've noticed about you. Like how your hair falls perfectly into place when you move it, when you look up your eyes fluuter, or when you laugh you crinkle you nose." He paused an leaned up on one elbow to stare down at me. "Or how your lips never completely close, and most of all how your heart beats when I come close to you." He leaned down closer to me. His eyes closed as did mine, and I suddenly felt his soft plump lips attatched with mine. The moved together in perfect sync. Harry's tongue glided across my bottom lip asking for entrance.


I hesitated teasing him a bit, but eventually gave in. His kisses trailed down my jawline and down my neck. I brought his face back up to mine and kissed him again. Our tongues dance together messily. He finally pulled away and put his forehead up against mine. "I should probably get you home, huh?" He asked kissing my neck again not waiting for my answer. "Mmmm, sadly yeah." I kissed his lips one more time.


He pulled me up and out of the fort. The rain hadn't stopped, but it died down to a light drizzle. He took off his coat and put it over my shoulders. We walked hand-in-hand to the car. He opened my door and let me get in then went over to his. The car ride back to my house was silent, but he held my hand while we drove.


We pulled up in my driveway around 10:30. The rain stopped as soon as we got into the car. It was just cold now. He walked me up to my front door, and I saw my Parents cars were still gone. "You can come in if you want." I said shyly. "Okay." He nodded and I typed in the security code to unlock my house. I walked in and Harry closed the door behind me. "Come." I said motioning for him to follow me upstairs.


We went into my room and I switched the light on. "You can sit there, I'm gonna go change." He nodded and laid back on my bed. I went into the restroom and picked up a pair of sweats, and a black undershirt. I put my hair up in a high bun, and quickly cleaned my face off. "I'm done." I said stepping out. "Good." he smirked coming over to me.


His strong arms snaked around my waist, and he brought his lips down to meet mine. "I could get used to this." He mumbled kissing my neck again. "Yeah me too." I breathed out. He kissed my lips again pushing me down on the bed. He kissed down my jawline and my neck sucking on certain spots. "Mmm." I moaned out causing Harry to chuckle.


"Acaciaaa! I'm home I bought you some new clothes today." My mum yelled up. Harry stopped and looked wide-eyed at me. "It's okay she won't care Harry." He nodded and began kissing me again. "Hold on mum!" I yelled down. "I'll be right back." I told Harry "Don't take too long!" He said smiling at me. "I won't." I winked and jogged down the stairs.


"Hey mum..." I said grabbing the Forever 21 bags. "Hey sweetie." she kissed my cheek. "Is there a boy upstairs?" She asked staring down at her phone. "Yep." I popped my 'p'. "Oh well don't keep him waiting, you had dinner right?" She asked still not looking at me. "Yeah, love you see you tomorrow, right?" I asked making sure our plans were still on. "Yes. I've got everything sorted out, but have a good last day of school. Goodnight love you." I nodded turning around and jogging back up stairs.


I threw my bags down and switched off the light, "Are you staying the night?" I asked Harry. "No, I can't, but I'll stay until you fall asleep." "Okay." I laid my head on his chest, and we were quiet for a little while. "Harry?" I asked. "Yeah babe?" "Where does this you know...leave us?" I asked twidling my thumbs.


"Where do you want it to leave us?" He asked brushing hair off of my forehead. I sat up on the bed and looked down at him. "Wherever you feel like it should." I replied holding my knees to my chest. "Hmm..." He said sitting up and scooting closer. "I think I know exactly where this should leave us." His lips brushed mine again, but were shortly pulled away. "Acacia Johnson...be mine?" I bit my lip as he said those words.


It's like my whole world froze. I nodded slightly, "Yes." "Phew! I thought you were gonna say no for a second there." "I'd never do that silly." I peced his nose, then his lips. "I promise to be the best boyfriend okay?" "Shhh. I don't care what kind of boyfriend you are as long as your mine, and only mine." I said putting my finger to his mouth. "Well then..." He chuckled. "Goodnight Harry." I said laying back down. "Goodnight Girlfriend." He said wrapping his arms around my waist.

Girlfriend... I like the sound of that.



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