Fading Whispers

Acacias mum was in a tragic car accident, and didn't make it. Acacia falls apart from...everything. No one knows what to do no one but Harry. Can he save her and bring her life back to happiness? Will everything be okay again at some point, or will she give up on everything...including life.


1. Chapter 1; Mr. Curly

Acacia's P.O.V


Kiss me like you wanna be loved, like you wanna be loved.

Ed Sheeran lyrics rang through my bedroom before I tiredly slammed my finger down onto my iPhone, shuttting it up. Today was Monday and the fact that I got no sleep what so ever last night made waking up worse.

I forced my eyes closed once more and was just about to fall asleep again when I heard phone vibrate. "Ughhh!" I groaned and got up from my bed, grabbing my phone on my way to the bathroom. Jardin; We're coming in an hour love, and Niall's cousin is coming with us today...remember?xx[;


I read the text my cousin sent carefully before tossing my phone down quickly and running to my closet."Gotta dress cute, gotta dress cute!"

I mumbled as I ran from one side of my room to the other before deciding on what to wear. Niall sent me a picture of his curly haired cousin yesterday, and oh my gosh he's beautiful!

I laid my clothes out on my bed and went back into my bathroom. I wet my face and washed it quickly, and accidentaly dropped the bottle on my carpet spilling the soapy subsstance. Oops.

I turned my music on full blastand went to get changed I had blue button up with my tribal leggings and my uggs. I took my hair down and let it fall down it was just past my shoulders and a pain in the bum to do things with.

After about five minutes of standing and staring at my reflection. I decided to just curl it today which wouldn't take to long. I finished curling my hair within 30 minutes, and that only left me 15 to do my makeup.

I delicatley slid the eyeliner over my eye. I never put my eyeshadow on first I'm not sure why, I just don't. I finished my makeup with 3 minutes left, so knowing Jardin and Niall would be late I flopped down onto my bed.

I picked my phone up pausing the music. Mondays...Who hates them? I know I do >.< "post" I mumbled as I updated my status. I sat on my bed playing with different apps on my phone.

I had a fairly large room, and a fairly large bed this was because my parents were never really there for me, ever. They bought me whatever I wanted and let me do whatever I wanted to to make up for it though...fair trade I guess.

I heard a car horn outside my window and I looked out to see Niall's red sports car. I huredly grabbed my books and ran down the stairs, and I slammed the door shut, hard. I locked it with the security code noticing both of my parents cars were gone.

I shrugged and spun around on my heels, and there he was. The most beautiful curly haired boy you will ever meet, Harry Styles. "Hey." I happily sang when I approached the car. Harry smiled at me and nodded, but Niall and Jardin didn't acknowledge me at all!

No, they were to busy snogging. "Hello! It's called driving. Try it please?!" I yelled at them making them both give me death stares. I smirked and sat back in my seat turning to look at Harry.

He chuckled making me giggle a bit. "Hi, I"m Harry." he smiled reavealing his perfect teeth and his dimples. "Hi, I'm Acacia." I said back with way to much enthusiasm.

Niall was driving way to slow to be on the road so I decided to try something. "Niall Horan! The faster we get to school the faster you and Jardin can make out!" He instantly sped up a bit.

"You just wanna see your precious Liam!" He said as he looked back at me in the mirror. "Yeah yeah." I replied. It was true I did want to see Liam, he was my best friend and he has been since eighth grade.

Need I remind you we were in our last two weeks of high school! Yaaayy! "Who's Liam?" Harry asked as we got to a stoplight. "My best friend,he's a boy not that it matters." I replied. He nodded understandingly and put his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer to him.

I nudged the side of my body into his causing him to chuckle. We pulled up to the school and all got out fairly quickly.

Harry took my arm on his and continued to walk me into the building. "Let's go to my locker." I motioned up in front of us. He nodded and kept walking.

The hall filled with whispers and wierd stares from everybody passing by. Most of them asking who Harry was to their friends. "Right here" I said as we stopped and I unlinked my arm from his.

"Hey beautiful." Liam came and grabbed me, holding my waist from behind. "Hey Li." I replied concentrating on my combination lock.

"Hi, my names Liam." he said to Harry. "Harry." he said back making me laugh of how impolite that was.

Liam nuzzled his head into my neck, and began kissing it. "Liam stop that!" I whispered loudly. "Why." He puckered his bottom lip. "People will get suspicious and think things.." I announced. "Yeah yeah, I suppose," He rolled his eyes and lifted his head up, but kept his arms securely around me.

"Hey Acacia, can you show me where my classes are?" Harry asked abrubtly. "Yeah, one second I said grabbing my Social Studies book out of my lockerthen slamming it shut. The three of us began walking down the hall.

"Acacia!" I heard Gabriella scream from behind me. "Bri!" We ran into a hug. She hadn't been gone or anything. That's kind of just how we acted together.

"How'd the date with Louis go yesterday?" I nudged her with my elbow. "Amazing! As always."She giggled. "You guys are cute, just saying." I said to her.

"Thank you," She blushed. "Acacia!!" I heard Liam and Harry call at the same time. "Bleh. I've got to go love, see you at lunch, yeah?" She nooded and hugged me before turning and walking away.

"I'm coming!" I called to the two boys standing against some lockers."Finally" Liam mumbled when I approached earning a thump on the arm.

"Ouch." He said sarcastically smirking. I rolled my eyes, "So Harry who's class do you have first?" "Mrs. Tomlinson? He said in a questioning tone.

"That's what we have,and by we I mean every one of my friends!" I exclaimed. Well we're going the wrong way then." Liam added, "Yes indeed we are Lili." I smirked because he hated when you add an extra 'Li' to his nickname.

"Well turn around then..." He said walking away. I stuck my toungue out at him mocking his words. Making Harry laugh again. "We should hang out..." Harry said scratching the back of his neck.

"Like a date." he continued to finish his sentence. "Yeah, okay" I said cheerfully. "et my number from Niall and text me when you get home, and we'll figure everything out!" I said linking our arms together once more. I swear I saw him blush.

"Hurry up slow pokes." Liam glanced back at us and kept walking. A date... I thought A date with Harry Styles. I like the sound of that. A Date with Mr. Curly.



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