me, myself and I

I'm Lisa, it's time I tell you my story.

This is not a true diary entry, by the way, even though it says in the story I am going to tell you about myself, Lisa is a made up character!


4. the good days

One day when I was in school I was performing in a musical. It was a good old singing and dancing and acting musical.

I was the main character, Betty, who needed to save her home because she was going to have to sell it because she had no money. Then some magical thing happens and there is talking animals and she blah- blah- blah everythings good and it is a big happy ending.

But anyway, there was another drama scout there watching us perform, and when the show was done I came down off the stage and towards where the drama scout was since he asked me to come over.

Then, something amazing happened. He asked me if I wanted to go to a talented arts academy. I obviously said yes, this was my chance to get away from everything, but I would really miss my friends. I knew they would understand though.

After the next few days, I had practised my singing and acting for the school.

I was very nervous because I knew there would be some really amazing talented people in that school...

Soon enough, I had started my first day at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts.

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