me, myself and I

I'm Lisa, it's time I tell you my story.

This is not a true diary entry, by the way, even though it says in the story I am going to tell you about myself, Lisa is a made up character!


3. some of school

I have already said a few bits on school, most of my bad bits. My best part of being in school happened in second year, when my year were doing a play for the rest of the school, and out of more than one hundred people, I think, I got the leading role! And there was drama scouts there who talked to me after about taking drama classes and being in a few short films and pantomimes. I said yes, obviously, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.

My favourite subject was definitely drama, it was amazing just too act a scene to people and see what they said and thought. I took drama as a subject in fourth year and I studied hard to try and get higher drama courses, which I did. I managed to perform in one of the biggest performance areas in my town, and I recieved a few awards for being a good actor.

My worst subject was history. Most people would say maths, but I wasn't too bad at maths, I was terrible at history. I didn't even know one thing about it, the only fact I could say about history was that William Wallace was Scottish? I was literally terrible, I got letters home for being so bad. Mum had to teach me a little at home, which didn't go so well. We got into arguments and I was sent more letters home for being even WORSE!

At least I had my best friends. We had sleepovers and parties and the bestest time ever! I even had my first boyfriend. His name was Jake, he was thirteen, like me. We spent so much time together, but then when he realised that he liked another girl in our year, he broke up with me. I was heartbroken, and I cried for days until my eyes were all red and puffy.

But I got over it, so it was all okay.

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