me, myself and I

I'm Lisa, it's time I tell you my story.

This is not a true diary entry, by the way, even though it says in the story I am going to tell you about myself, Lisa is a made up character!


2. family

Don't have a specific date for this one.


My family have always a weird topic for me to talk about, I am not really sure why though? My mum is a writer as I have said before, and my dad used to work in an office, but he moved away from us when I was ten. My brother is called Peter and he is eighteen. My mum's name is Natasha, but she doesn't let me or any of my friends call her that, I can see why. Most of my best friends call her 'second mother'. I find it quite funny.

Peter can be really annoying sometimes, I have to say that. But I love him to pieces anyway. Because he has his job in a shop in the retailer, he brings us home free products sometimes, which is the best! When he didn't have a job and he was only fourteen or fifteen, he used to play with me when I believed that fairies and unicorns were real. He used to pretend to fly around the garden and that he was riding on his unicorn just to keep me happy. He won't do anything anymore, he just sits on his computer or texts his girlfriend all day.

Mum is the only person I feel I can trust the most. Even though she is a writer and some of the people she works with are top famous, she still never goes and blabs all my secrets too them, which I think is absolutely amazing of her. I love her so much. I sometimes get mad at her if she doesn't let me go out or if she grounds me and stuff, but I still feel bad if I ever shout at her and we always end up cuddling on the couch watching a film. I wish Peter was still like that. Mum gets annoyed when Peter stays on his phone all day, then she will get more annoyed if I go and annoy Peter when his phone has been taken off him and he is banned from the computer. Mum tries to give our family a lot, since dad moved out. She tries to give us the best presents at all occasions.

I really love being with my family, but I still love being by myself, in my room. Because sometimes I have enough of them and I need some space to breathe, mum and Peter respect that which I love. If they didn't respect that they would probably burst into my room whilst I was having my little break and would start annoying me as they used too do when I would strop.


Peter is very tall, with black hair which he has now got cut into an emo look. His skin is quite bad lately, as he has a few spots on his cheek and his head. His eyes are deep blue and he is getting more muscly. He used to be so light and skinny, but now he isn't gaining weight, he is just doing more sport to get more 'buff'. I think he is turning into a bit of an emo- guy though, because he is always sitting in the dark on the computer, no light, no windows open... He is always sleeping too, unless he is at work.

Mum is small too, like me. She has medium- length blondy-brown hair and clearer skin than me. She does a lot of running and exercise classes so she is very skinny, all she eats is salad. Her new phase is to watch T.V until late at night until she falls asleep and then gets angry at me if I don't turn it off when she falls asleep. She is really nice when she wants to be though, when she has had enough sleep and isn't grumpy. I normally always see her in leggings or jeans, she isn't a jogging bottoms type of person. If she has classes or is out running, she will normally wear running shorts, even if it is freezing.


That is basically all I can really say on my family since they can normally be pretty boring, unless mum gets me too meet a celebrity maybe once or twice a year. I thought when she was writing for Lady Gaga that I would get to meet her since I am such a big fan...


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