me, myself and I

I'm Lisa, it's time I tell you my story.

This is not a true diary entry, by the way, even though it says in the story I am going to tell you about myself, Lisa is a made up character!


1. about me

(not actually a story on me, the authors, life).

11 February, 2013


I don't want this to sound like a diary, because it isn't. I am not going to be telling you about every single day, I'm just telling you about me. And everything single thing about me that I can possibly think of is going to be written down in this short book. It isn't really a book, though, or a story. I don't know what to call it? It is labelled under diary, but of course it isn't really a diary. Suppose I better start then? Well, I am going start of with the best line I can think of, just under this bit of writing. Ah, thats what I will call it, a piece of writing. Oh, and another thing, this is all about me, no one else. Well some of my friends may be mentioned sometimes, but it is mostly about me and my life. Don't expect a diary remember.

Hey, my name is Lisa. My full name is Lisa Elizabeth Robbs, but I never use my full name, ever. I prefer just being called Lisa. But if you have to use my full name, just use Lisa Robbs, leave out the Elizabeth. Okay, I have said to much on my name, even though it is a small topic, there is so much to say...

Anyway, I'm Lisa, I am thirteen years old, I will be fourteen in a few days actually! I'm looking forward too it so much! I have quite a few friends, this isn't going to be a story where I tell you a sob story about my life, but something like that might pop up a few times...

As I was saying, I have quite a few friends. I have four major best best bestfriends, and then a few just normal good friends. When you think of the word friends, what do you think of? Is it people you can laugh with and be silly? Is it people you can say anything you want and you greet them with an insult but that's just the way things go and your okay with that? Or is it someone you can be scared of? Anyway, my some friends I had had at the time when I started high school were all really nice to me when I told them about my mum being a writer and that she helped Lady Gaga write her biography. I really liked when my friends were being really nice to me, but I just wish it had lasted or that I knew they were just using me to meet my mum and lady gaga if they could. They continued to ask me if I could get them concert tickets or to get them to meet more people my mum had worked with. I asked her a billion times if they could meet anyone she had worked with but she said no, because they wouldn't work with her again if she used them to meet her daughters friends.

When I came back to school after asking and I told my friends they couldn't meet lady gaga or anyone, they threw a major temper at me and never spoke to me again, but they also spread some rumours about me being a horrible girl who never keeps promises. Even though I didn't promise them anything...

I had been by myself for weeks, until finally one girl who was in my registration class started talking to me. She was really nice and friendly and at lunch- time she took me too her friends and they were all really nice to me, saying that my friends before were really horrible for what they did. So all was well and I got through first year okay.

I had a few other situations with my old 'friends' too, though. They used to lock me in the bathrooms at school or push me over. They even tried once to tie my arms to my chair in class when the teacher was away, but that didn't work out since my new friends helped me.


But enough on my sad times at high school, I need to say the rest about me before I start mentioning some days.

I have dark, dark hair that goes far past my waist, I can nearly sit on it now! I have been growing it since I was only small. I have blue eyes and a few freckles on my nose, which mostly show when I'm in the sun. I haven't got the best skin, which is very annoying since most of my friends have perfect skin and mines isn't. I am quite small, even though I am nearly fourteen, some eleven year olds are taller than me... being small has its ups and downs, cheesy joke there.

So, that is basically what I look like and a quick review of my high school traumas. But now I think I'll split it into sections. This one was all about me, and now its some days in high school and some subjects I would like to talk about!

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