This is happening as if Louis was never in One Direction, but he does still know the boys.

Ali doesn't want to move. She doesn't want to leave her best friend, Ella, on senior year. Ella was the gorgeous one who always got the boys, while Ali barely ever got a second glance. But when she is forced to move to London, she finds Louis, a boy who is kind hearted and caring.


3. This Day Keeps Getting Better

         Around 4:30 in the afternoon, I was perched on my bed, reading Mockingjay, when my phone vibrated. I picked it up, looked at the number, it didn't look familiar, but I opened the text anyways, and I'm glad I did.

'Hey, Ali. I'm done practice. Wanna hang out? -Louis'. 'When?I replied, hoping he'd say something like 'ASAP'.

'Does now work?' My heart was pounding hard against my chest, he actually wanted to be with me, he wasn't just being kind.

'Yeah, right now works. Where though?'

'Is your house okay?Oh my god. He wants to come here?

'Sure, need my address?' Almost instantly, he replied 'That would be nice, love.'

        After giving him all he needed to find my house, it was about five minutes before the bell rang. My heart leaped. This was really happening! He just thinks of you as a friend, though. Is all that popped into my head.

"I haven't exactly made and friends quite yet."

"You have me." Yeah, he only thinks of me as a friend. I walked up to the door and pulled it open.

"Hi, Ali!"

"Hey, Lou!" I said while pulling the door ajar a bit more so he could slip inside.

"So how is the lovely Alizandra on this fine afternoon." He was acting all proper, but he was almost bursting into laughter.

His act made me giggle."First off, don't ever, ever say my name like that again, please. You make me sound like some stuck up queen or something. Second, I'm doing pretty well, how are you?"

"I'm fine, but a bit stiff from practice." Was he hinting at something?

"Awe, muffin!" I left the room, leaving a very confused Louis. I came back in laughing, and he loosened up a bit and smiled. "I'm just joking! Where are you sore? Want a heating pad, ice pack, anything?" I asked sincerely.

He shook his head. "Nah, I'll be fine. But," he paused, holding his right thumb and index finger to his his in a thinking pose, "I could use a shoulder rub." He winks, and my knees almost buckle right then and there, but I somehow hold myself up and make my way over to the gorgeous boy in the hall.

"I can give you one if you want, actually." I say while staring into his Caribbean blue orbs.

"Only if you want to, I'm not gonna make you. But if you do, I'm gonna have to lay down to, you know, relax." He was hinting, I think.

"Okay, let's go up to my room then, so you can lay down, since my parents should be home soon." And up we went.

        "Nice room, I like the colour." He complimented the room he glided into that I call mine. I had just finished unpacking, finally, so everything looked in order. The bright, but deep, pink walls added some colour to the black furniture, and also to my black and white 'news paper' printed bedding. He settled onto the bed, right in the middle, laying down on his back, head propped up on a pillow with his hands rested behind in his hair. He smiled devilishly at me, I wonder what he's thinking about.

"I'm just gonna go change into something comfy." I said while grabbing some sweat pants.

"Okay." He closed his eyes a bit more, looking more relaxed than he should have been. "Your bed's extremely comfy by the way." I just giggle, shake my head, and slip into the bathroom.

A few moments later, I come out in my sweats to find what looks like a sleeping Louis. "Louis?" I go over to him and shake him a bit, but he just playfully slaps my hands away, smirking and keeping his eyes closed. "I guess you don't want your shoulder rub then, since wou keep batting me away." I say slowly moving to the bottom of the bed to sit at the edge. As soon as I did so, I felt Louis wrap his arms around me and pull me back to the top of the bed with him.

"I definitely want that shoulder rub." He whispered in my ear, still holding me close to him. My back against his chest. Something about this felt perfect, it felt right. Then, without notice, his grip around me loosened and he got up to shift over and lay on his stomach. I laughed, climbing over him to straddle his lower back. I placed my hands on his shoulders and upper back, searching for knots in his muscles.

As soon as I hit one, he groaned, causing me to pause. "No, keep going please. It felt good." I just laugh and continue working his knots. After about ten minutes, I climbed off of him and he sat up, thanking me. "Do you wanna go somewhere? Like a movie?" His voice lifted my heart with hope.


        After I slid my tights and shorts back on, we were ready to go. The movie didn't start until 6:15 and it was only 5:10, so we decided to grab a bite to eat. "Where do you want to eat?" Louis questioned.

I chewed my bottom lip, thinking. "I don't know, I'm not too great at making decisions, and I don't really know what there is, since I just moved here. You choose." I catch him sneaking a glance at me that looked more flirty than friendly. But what did I know? No one's ever flirted with me before.

"Do you want fast food or diner food?"

"Uhm, fast food, I guess."

"Is McDonalds okay? There's one just around the corner from the theatre."

"Yeah, that's fine." I say, flashing him a smile as we walk through the kitchen, out the door, and to his car. I hop into the passenger's seat while he hops into the driver's seat and starts the engine.

        Thirty minutes later, here we are, me eating my ten piece chicken nugget meal and Louis eating his bigmac meal. Looking back on the car ride here, the first few minutes were pretty awkward, until we turned up the radio.

"Now that she's back from the atmosphere, with drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey."

"Louis, your voice is fantastic! You know that, right?" I looked at him, completely in awe. His voice was probably one of the purest things that I've ever heard!

"Now I do," he chuckled. "I don't usually sing in front of anyone." Does that mean I was the first? Even if I was, what would that mean? Probably nothing. The rest of the car ride was filled with our voices battling against each other over the radio and lots of laughter. 

"Earth to Ali?" Louis' voice pulled me from my thoughts.

"Hmm?" I looked up to see his eyes full of concern.

"You okay? You haven't really said anything for a while, and you looked like you were deep in thought. Is everything alright, love?" There it was again. 'Love'. Did he know how much it made me want to kiss him when he said that?

"Everything's fine, Lou. I was just thinking about how great today has been." His face lit up with my words. God, his smile was so breath taking.

"Well, okay. If you say so. We should probably leave for the movie soon, it starts in half an hour."

"Okay, I'm done my food anyways."

"Then let's get going."

        "What movie are we seeing anyways?" I asked as we stepped into the doorway of the theatre.

I got what felt like a slight punch in my stomach as he said "Texas Chainsaw." I froze for a second. Wasn't that a scary movie? He must've seen the way my face froze in fear.

The next thing he said kind of surprised me, though. "We don't have to go see it if you don't want to. We can see something else." He looked like he actually cared.

"I'll be okay, I think." I whispered scratchily.

He put his arm around me as he led me to the theatre. "If you need to, you can cuddle me." This for some reason caused me to burst into laughter. I lightly swatted him in the chest, causing him to laugh, too. We found our seats, which were pretty close to the back, and to the left of the isle.

        When the movie had started, I was sitting up, hands folded in my lap, and I had stayed like that, until approximately the middle. I didn't think a movie could be this scary! I whimpered and hid my head in between Louis' shoulder and his seat.

I heard him stiffle a giggle as he put his arm around me and pulled me into him as he said "We can leave, if you want to." I considered it for a moment.

"But you still have to see the rest of the movie."

"Eh, it's predictable anyways. I could always rent it later." I look up to peer into his clear, sincere eyes. Next thing I know, he's standing up, grabbing my hand, and dragging me out of the theatre door. Once we were back in the lobby, I whispered a quiet "Thanks." to Louis.

He looked at me, smiling "I have to ask you something."

My heart raced. "What is it?" His eyes found mine, and I could almost feel him staring into my soul.


"Hey, Lou. What are you doing here?" I look up to see a gorgeous brunette boy with curly hair, brown eyes, and a magnificent smile.

"Oh hey, Adam. We came to see a movie." Louis looked a little nervous, I was completely unsure why, though.

"We as in you and your new girlfriend?" The guy that went by Adam smirked, then looked me up and down. "She seems pretty fit, but-"

I quickly interrupted him. "Actually, I'm just a friend."

"Adam, this is Ali. I met her on the plane ride home, from Canada." Louis explained.

"Oh! You're the one who he went to sit with today at lunch." I nodded, and we all stood there awkwardly for a few seconds. "Well I'll see you guys later." He smiled at Louis, and snuck a wink at me. What just happened?

"So Ali, are you ready to go?" I looked over to Louis, and smiled.

"Yeah, I need to prepare for my second day, anyways." And with that, he took me home.

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