This is happening as if Louis was never in One Direction, but he does still know the boys.

Ali doesn't want to move. She doesn't want to leave her best friend, Ella, on senior year. Ella was the gorgeous one who always got the boys, while Ali barely ever got a second glance. But when she is forced to move to London, she finds Louis, a boy who is kind hearted and caring.


7. The Swing

        "Ali, wake up. C'mon, Al, time to get up."

His voice booms in my ear, so I pull the pillow over my head. "Can't. Too comfy."

"Really now? Too bad," I feel his arm snake underneath me, and his other one wrap around my waist. There was no movement for a few moments, so I allowed myself to relax in his arms. Of course, that's when Louis suddenly whipped me around, so I was on the opposite side to where I was before; then, with his grip still tight around me, he rolled over me and off the bed, pulling me to stand up with him. "Because it's time to get up." He grinned, smugly, as I tried to squirm out of his tightly wrapped arms, but failed miserably. 

"What time is it?" I whined, letting my body go limp in his hold, showing I had clearly given up.

"Ten in the morning, love."

I groaned frustratingly, "Why so early?"

"Early? Really? The boys are coming over later, remember?" I stiffened slightly, remembering the reason I was eventually supposed to come over today.

"Oh. I forgot about that." 

"Yeah, so get ready, love. I want to hang out with you first before they get here." He loosened his grip around me, allowing me to slip from it and travel to my bag. I fished out my black racer back, burgundy sheer short-sleeved button up, and a pair of American Eagle light-washed, high-waisted festival shorts. I exited Louis' room to change in the bathroom.

        I slip in front of the mirror, and slowly glance up at my appearance. "Ugggh." My hair was all knotted and frizzy, the curls mostly flat, and I had some residue of mascara that I hadn't gotten off completely under my eyes. "Lou? I'm going to take a shower. I'm a mess."

"A cute mess. But okay. We have six hours before the boys get here." His voice pounded through the thin door.


        I started the water before removing my clothes and hopping in the hot stream of water, letting it glide down my body, giving me chills just as Louis had last night. I grabbed the shampoo that belonged to him off the shelf; Herbal Essences. I chuckled to myself, popping the lid and dumping a little amount into my palm and started massaging it into my hair. I rinsed it out while I admired the frosted glass door and the modern cream tiles that surrounded me. I grabbed the Gillette body wash next, rubbing it all over my body. It smelt so strongly of him, I didn't want to wash it off. I stepped under the shower head though, allowing the soapy suds to flow down the drain. I turned the knob, stopping the flow of water, and reached out of the door, my hand searching for the folded towel I had found and placed on the counter. I felt the soft heap of fluff under my touch and pulled it towards me to dry off. I stepped out of the shower and started my routine; got dressed, blow dried my hair, and put on mascara since I didn't want to waste anymore time. I also decided my naturally straight but slightly wavy hair would do for today, and I stepped out of the bathroom.

        I slipped into Louis' room, stuffing all of my belongings into my bag. "Hey," Lou's voice sounded from across the room, and I look up to see him squinting at me, but also smiling. "Miss Alizandra, that's my shirt!"

I smile slyly back at him, "What shirt? I have no clue what you're talking about." 

"The grey one in your hands, love."

"Oh! This one?" I look down to my left hand, which was gripping the soft fabric of his. "Too bad, you're not getting it back for a while." A smile sweeps across his face, and he strolls across the room until he's just inches away. 

"Okay," He grabs the t-shirt from my hand, and bends down to stuff it in my bag. He peeks up to look me in the eye. "But once it smells of you, I want it back."


~ ~ ~

        All day, Louis and I had many laughs. First reason was because I had tried making breakfast for us; something other than my fantastic scrambled eggs. I tried making pancakes. As easy as that sounds, for me it wasn't. Not with Louis around, distracting me with every chance he got, poking me in the rib while I was flipping a pancake - causing me to jut slightly and possibly drop the pancake on the counter or tiles. But the worst and most distracting thing was when he would stand behind me, place his hands over mine, as if he was teaching me how to cook, and plant a kiss right under my ear. But as he was doing that and my hand that was holding the flipper relaxed, he'd pull my hand back with his, causing me to fling the pancake across the room behind us. I burst into a set of giggles immediately, while he'd shout 'why did I let you into my kitchen?' which caused me to laugh even harder.        

        Finally, after eating and cleaning up the mess we had made, we went for a walk. Louis was constantly 'accidentally' bumping into me or brushing the top of my thigh, so I grabbed his hand, trying to keep hold of it with my petite one. We strolled, hand in hand, until we came across an old playground; and I found myself running over and taking my place on the rotted wooden seat of the vintage swing set. "Louis, push me please?"

"Why, Ali?" Standing in front of me, Louis posed, hands on his hips. The sun behind him, shading his body to a silhouette, so I couldn't see his facial expression.

"Because..." I paused, biting my lip and gazing away, not daring to look him in the eye. What if he thinks it's stupid. 

I peeked up from the wood chips to see Louis had snuck closer so he was inches away from me. He slipped behind me, and I felt his breath creep onto the back of my neck then up to my ear. Turning my body ever so slightly, he came around and whispered, "I'm just kidding, of course I'll push you." That was all it took for my confused frown to transform into a smile so big, I thought my face would break.

        Lou had been pushing me for a short while, me chuckling wildly and him laughing at my giddiness. "This is a fantasy of mine." I stated, out of the blue; randomly.

"What? What is?"

"To be pushed on a swing by my boyfriend, it always has been." I smiled to myself, remembering when I was little in Vancouver at a park; there was a cute couple, they couldn't keep their eyes off each other. The girl sat on the swing while the boy kissed her cheek and gave her a little shove. I was only, like, seven but it was the most romantic, cute thing I had seen in my life at the time. I realized the heat in my cheeks as I came back from my memory. The thought that me and Lou were now in that couple's position made me happier than anything ever.

"Ali, want to go on the sea-saw?" Louis said, grabbing hold of the chains to slow me down.

"Okay!" I jumped off my seat and ran over to the sea-saw, turning back to face him.

"You never fail to amaze me with how childish you act, Ali." He shuffled over to me, shaking his head.

"Hey! Shut up!"

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