This is happening as if Louis was never in One Direction, but he does still know the boys.

Ali doesn't want to move. She doesn't want to leave her best friend, Ella, on senior year. Ella was the gorgeous one who always got the boys, while Ali barely ever got a second glance. But when she is forced to move to London, she finds Louis, a boy who is kind hearted and caring.


2. The First Day



It's been a week since my family has moved to London, and I'm still not used to the time difference. The nights here are still pretty much my days. Which explains why I was lying wide awake on my bed at 12:30 a.m., on the night before my first day of school.  Am I nocturnal or something? Why can't I sleep?! Tomorrow, Tuesday, I was starting grade twelve in my new school, with no friends to start the year with. If only Ella was here with me. I wonder what she's up to right now, since it was only 4:30 p.m. of the previous day there. She was probably getting ready for a party, knowing her. I smirked, remembering the night she handcuffed my wrist to hers, and dragged me out to her boyfriend (of the time's) party. I did have some fun, but Ella was downing drinks the moment we stepped through the door, which left me to be the designated driver. Not that I was too intrigued by alcohol anyways, I had plenty of fun without it.

        I flipped over onto my stomach and reached for my phone that was laying on the other side of my double bed. No messages. Well, what was I expecting? I haven't met anyone here other than Louis, but during the flight it had slipped my mind to ask for his number to keep in contact. It's been seven days since I have stared into his eyes, seen his smile, heard his laugh. I missed him. I didn't even know it was possible to miss someone you had only met once, and talked to for half of a day. I wish I had a way of contacting him. I wish I knew his last name, so I could at least check on Facebook, to observe if he had an account. Sighing, I dropped my iPhone under my pillow. I decided I should probably try to get some sleep now, since I'd be waking in about five and a half hours. Eventually, I drifted into a deep, dreamless sleep.

- - -

        The next morning, I had just completed getting ready, I walked over to the full length mirror over by my dresser and checked myself out. I was wearing my very casual teal, indigo, and grey striped "grandma" knitted sweater, as Ella called it. Oh how I missed her. But I didn't see what was wrong with it, I loved it! It was the perfect mix between comfy and cute. I looked down in the mirror to see my curvy thighs covered in my black lace tights, underneath my dark cut off jean shorts, and on my petite feet, my chunky black combat boots that loosened just below mid-calve. The buckles and little patches of studs added just the right amount of edginess to the look. Then I scanned my face, light blush across my pale cheeks, pale pink lip gloss smeared on my barely there lips, eyeliner making my eyes look about three times bigger than they actually were, and my lashing appeared forever long. My hair was curled in messy locks, teased to perfection. My natural blonde streaks were starting to show through my not so freshly dyed hair. Note to self: Go get touch-ups. Other than that, I was surprisingly happy with my appearance today, I snatched my purse and headed downstairs into the kitchen. Damn! 8:05 already? I grabbed an apple, my phone, and car keys and chugged down the drive way to my car.

        It was finally lunch. My first class today was math, which I'm actually pretty decent at, so I didn't mind that. Second, I had a very boring socials class. Ugh, socials shall be the death of me. I headed, to what I was told was the cafeteria, and opened the door. When I did so, everybody seemed to drop everything they were doing to glance at me. 'I'm pretty sure I wore clothes today...' is all that popped into my head. I then found my way to the line up to get my lunch. I picked a salad, water, an orange, and fries. Who could resist some fries? Once I grabbed my meal, I turned around to find all the tables filled except for one. No one was sitting there. It looked like the perfect place for the new "loner" kid, like me, to sit. I slowly made my way over there and sat myself down. I was just about to steal a bite from my salad, when I heard a familiar, masculine voice, with a thick accent call my name. The same one I had listened to for an entire plane ride. When I looked up, I caught myself with a huge smile spread across my cheeks that had reached my eyes. Standing before me was the beautiful boy I had met on the plane, and shared a lot with. The boy I missed. Louis.

"Hey, Ali, I didn't know you were going to school here!" Louis stated, smiling. He was so cute. No, that was an understatement; Louis was adorable!

"Well here I am." I said shyly, trying my best to flirt, which I hadn't really done before.

"I see that," he winked "but why are you sitting alone?" While the question slipped, he let his lips fall from his smile into a confused frown.

"I haven't exactly made any friends quite yet."

"You have me." I looked up through my eyelashes at Louis. Of course, he only saw me as a friend. Nothing more, like always.

Through my disappointment, I struggled a smile before I spoke "Yeah, I guess I do."

His mouth lifted to a slight smile as he heard my statement, then he slid over to sit right next to me. "So Ali, what classes do you have this semester?"

I paused to think. "Uhm, first-math, second-socials, third-science, fourth-cooking."

"Yay, we have science and cooking together!" He grabbed one of my orange slices, plopping it into his mouth.

"Hey! That's my lunch!" I said maybe a little bit too loud, and started giggling. He just smiled even bigger.

"Why aren't you sitting with your friends, anyways?" I asked, starting to feel like I was wasting his time.

"They won't miss me. I sit with them all the time. Plus, you looked lonely, I wanted to sit with you."


"Yeah." The rest of lunch was just small talk, stuffing our faces, and laughing. When the bell rang, we gathered our things and headed to the chem lab.

        Today in chemistry, I found out Louis' last name. Tomlinson. I know this now because the teacher, Mr. Stell, makes us sit in alphabetical order. My last name's Todd, so Louis and I were sat next to each other and made lab partners. I tried my hardest to contain my excitement by biting my lip as hard as I could. The rest of chem we just went over safety rules, then the bell went. Louis and I slowly trudged through the hallway, along with the other students, to the foods class.

        Halfway through Ms. Barcley's lecture on scrubbing vegetables and cross contamination, the guy behind me, I think his name was Steve, handed me a note. I shot him a confused look, to which he replied, "From Louis." I nodded, my confused expression fading, and unfolded the note. 'I meant to ask you at lunch and in chem, but I forgot. What's your number?' it read. I turned back to look at Louis, who was sitting three seats back and one over to the left. He smiled cheekily. I chuckled, shaking my head and turning back around to jot my number on a scrap piece of paper. Turning to Steve, I whispered "To Louis." and turned back around to find Ms. Barcley giving me a death stare that said "I caught you." I looked away from her glare and returned to listening to her lecture. I heard Louis try to stifle a laugh, which made me chuckle under my breath.

        Finally the bell rang, and as soon as I escaped the classroom Louis was at my side.

"Did you see the dirty look she gave you? Priceless!" he laughed. Damn he's so dreamy.

"It was all your fault, Lou. You could've asked me after class." I replied, looking straight ahead of me down the almost now empty hall. Where'd everyone go?

"I didn't want to forget again. But you didn't have to give me your number right as soon as you got the note, you could've waited after class." He stated. He was right.

"I guess I didn't want to forget either. But I have to go, text me?" I really hoped he would.

"For sure. I've got to get to football practice anyways."

"Football as in American soccer, right?" I never knew when British people were talking about soccer, or American football. Why would they even name two sports the same thing? It just didn't make sense to me.

"Yeah, soccer. So I'll text you after practice then, okay love?" I pretended that my heart didn't flutter like it had when he said that. 

"Yeah. Bye Louis." I smiled, showing my teeth, then left to find my car in the parking spot. Once I hopped into my electric blue Volkswagen bug, and made sure no one was watching, I was shrieking with excitement. This was something I was definitely going to have to tell Ella. My first day here wasn't bad at all, and it's all because of him.


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