This is happening as if Louis was never in One Direction, but he does still know the boys.

Ali doesn't want to move. She doesn't want to leave her best friend, Ella, on senior year. Ella was the gorgeous one who always got the boys, while Ali barely ever got a second glance. But when she is forced to move to London, she finds Louis, a boy who is kind hearted and caring.


6. Innocent

        That night, after dinner, I ran up to my room and thought through what happened today. I never would've even dreamed that this would happen. I mean, he kept hinting about being friends and only friends. I would've never expected that he would kiss me again, instead of going back to where we began. The kiss, it was nothing less than perfect. His soft lips pressed to mine, just thinking about it took my breath away. I need to talk to him, I missed him in the matter of an hour. I pulled my phone from my purse where I had put it before Louis had picked me up today, from when I was so nervous to find out if he remembered the seven minutes in heaven kiss; my first kiss. I wiped the fingerprints from the screen, then entering the password; a nervous habit of mine. I clicked the texting icon, to find a message from Louis from about ten minutes ago.

'Hey, Ali. What are you up to?' 

'Nothing, really. I wish tomorrow could come sooner.' I hit send.

Minutes later, Louis' name popped on my screen. 'Well...'

Panicking, I quickly replied. 'Well what?' Was he having second thoughts?

'Well, we could hang out now. But that means you'd probably stay the night ;)'

My breath caught in my throat for a moment, I mean, we just started seeing each other. But when I gave it a second thought, something about the idea was exciting, exhilarating. 'Give me a minute, I just need to get some stuff together. Could I possibly get a ride?' My thumb hovered over the send button for a few moments, then lowered.

Almost instantly, Louis replied with 'Okay. :)'

        I quickly shoved all the belongings I needed into a small duffel bag, including my tooth brush, brush, clothes, pajama pants, make up, and my glasses since I'd need to take out my contacts. I pulled on my aqua blue Victoria's Secret Pink hoodie, and slipped on my dark chocolate UGGs. I reached for my phone messaged Louis saying, 'Ready when you are.' That's when I heard two honks outside in front of the house. I giggled, making my way down the stairs. "Mom, Dad, I'm going to a friend's house for the night." Adrenaline pulsed through my veins, knowing I'd have to lie about going to a boy's house, let alone my boyfriend's. Boyfriend. That has a nice ring to it.

"You've made friends already?" My dad's voice rung through my ears. I turned to see him smiling.

"Yeah, well, one." I started to feel antsy, probably from the unknown lie I'd have to tell.

He just nodded and told me to have a good time, I gave him a kiss on his cheek before exiting from the front door. I'm actually getting this away with this! I looked out to see Louis in his black Hummer. As soon as I came into view of him, his lips curved into a crooked grin. I flashed him the biggest smile I could muster. He got out of the vehicle and made his way over to me. "Hey, babe." He gave me a peck on the lips before taking my bag and stuffing it into the trunk of his vehicle.

"Hi, Lou." I said, before getting into his car and buckling up. He got into the car and drove us to his place. It was literally just around the corner. His house was a cute, two floor (by the looks of the outside), basement entry home. I sauntered up to the front door, Louis close behind me, carrying my bag since he insisted on not letting me do it myself.

"This isn't my house, it's where my parents and sister live. Follow me." He whispered in my ear, giving my little shivers. I turned and trudged after him into his backyard to find what looked to be a little cottage. "This is mine." He says proudly, a cheeky smile covering his face, while unlocking his door.

"It's so nice, Lou." I looked around, taking in the warm light brown walls, the light beige carpet, and the dark brown sofas in the living room. There was a sixty inch flat screen TV placed above a deep chocolate TV stand. The kitchen was huge for a one person home, with pots and pans hovering over the island, a double sink, double ovens, and a gas stove. There was a room with just a fire place and a sofa, which looked extremely cozy, and a dining room. 

"If you wanna come upstairs, I can show you around there while I put your bag away." Louis led me to a staircase, which was slightly twisted and headed up. He scampered up the stairs, and I followed close behind. He turned the corner at the top, heading down a somewhat narrow hallway that had three doors. Louis nodded his head towards the door straight down the middle of the hall. "That's the bathroom, the door to the right is the guest room. You can sleep in there, if you want, but my bed is way more comfortable..." He lets his left eye sink into a wink, I giggle and roll my eyes.

"Just put my bag in the guest room for right now, I'll let you know where I'm gonna sleep in a little bit."

"Okay." Louis sighs, grabbing the handle to the guest room and swinging the door open wide. Inside, the room had cream walls, decorated with warm green leaves and dark brown decor. The room had an earthy feel to it; the greens and browns resembling trees, the bed had green sheets, a cream duvet cover that had the design of a dark brown tree on the left side with chocolate coloured leaves floating to the right, and matching brown and green throw pillows scattered neatly near the head of the bed. 

"Whoa, Lou." I couldn't control my jaw from dropping, it was so neat and tidy, I didn't want to mess it up. "I don't want to mess up the room!"

"You could sleep with me. My bed will already get messed up from me, so it wouldn't really matter." He dropped his left eye into a wink.

"I guess I could do that..."

"I thought you'd change your mind eventually." He smirked. God, dammit! He was so sexy. I couldn't help but blush a little. 

I shoved him lightly, passing him to enter the hall again. I stopped in front of the other door across the hall, knowing it was Louis' room, and waited for him to pass me to creak open the door. I snuck a peak at the room before me as soon as I could. It was a warm brown colour, with black and white furniture. The bedding had stripes of deep brown, light brown, black, and white. His room was particularly neat, not extremely over clean like the last room, but way cleaner than the stereotypical boy's room. And when I inhaled, the same sweet, musky smell of Louis that I loved filled the air.

        Louis placed my bag down after closing the door, and stepping in to hug me. "I'm so glad you decided to come tonight, love." 

I started giggling, thinking of the other night when he said I was 'too innocent'. "I told you I wasn't that innocent." I chuckled through my words. 

Louis was now chuckling, too. He lowered his head so his lips were at my ear, and whispered "Okay, let's see how innocent you are, then." And with that, he slung me over his shoulder. I burst into a fit of laughter, kicking and hitting his back, telling him to put me down. He mumbled a "You asked for it." and brought me over to his bed. Suddenly, he flung me down onto the soft duvet. There I was, laying across his bed, smiling and laughing my ass off, while he just started at me, as if he was studying my every move. Louis moved onto the bed, crawling over me until his face was inches above my own.

"Come to think of it," I paused for a dramatic effect. "I am pretty innocent, aren't I?" 

"Yes, you are, Ali." Louis leaned down, so our noses were touching ever so slightly, making me want to move my head up so my lips could finally meet his. "But I like it that way." His lips crashed down on mine, hard. My right hand moved slowly up his back into his hair, while my left hand strayed near the the small of his back. He gently took my lip in between his teeth, to which I let a small moan slip. Louis moved his head back a bit, just enough so I could see his smug grin and his left eyebrow cock upwards. I felt heat rise to my cheeks, but before I could let him see the shade of pink I turned, I pulled him back in for another kiss. I slid my left hand up under the hem of his shirt, feeling the hot skin of his lower back radiate onto my hand. I then focused on Louis' lips against mine; the softness of them almost like satin, I loved the feeling of his lips fitting perfectly, like they were made for me.

        After a few minutes, we were both gasping for air. Things had gotten really hot pretty fast; his shirt was halfway up his torso and his hair was wild, but in a sexy way. He pushed himself onto his knees, slung his right leg back to be next to his left, and flopped down beside me; snuggling into my side. "Your hair smells so good, Ali." He picks up a single curl of my hair, puts it to his nose, savoring the scent of my coconut conditioner. "Look, I have a moustache!" I turn to face Louis, who now is holding my curl under his nose to look like a moustache with flipped ends. I couldn't help myself but to laugh, his silly side always made me smile. I hope that never changed.

"I'm going to change into my pajamas, be back in a bit. Okay?" I lifted myself off of his bed, shuffling over to my bag, which was still by the door. I bent over to undo the zipper and pull my pink plaid pajama bottoms from my bag, and dug through my bag multiple times to discover I had forgotten a shirt. "Lou?" I turned around to now find him naked from the waist up, while he had some blue-striped flannel pants sitting on his waist low, standing right behind me. I was distracted by his chiseled chest and smooth abs, when I noticed he had tilted his head to the side, as if asking 'what?'. I cleared my throat, looking into his eyes. "Do you happen to have a shirt I can borrow? I forgot one.."

He smirked. "Why not just go shirtless?" He must've saw the surprised look in my eyes, because his facial features softened. "I'm only kidding, love." He went over to his dresser, and pulled a grey t-shirt from a drawer and handing it to me. "Here. If you want, you can change in the bathroom."

"I can change in here, as long as you promise not to look." I teased. I knew even if he said he wouldn't, he would try to sneak a peek, but I wanted him to know I trusted him.

"Okay." He smiled cheekily, and covered his eyes with his hands. 

I turned around so my backside was facing him, and quickly stripped myself of my pants. Then I pulled up my PJ bottoms as speedy as I could. I turned around to see Louis still covering his eyes. I turned back around to pull off my hoodie and unbutton the light wash jean shirt I had put on hours before, I removed both from my torso. I grabbed the grey shirt Louis had borrowed me, about to throw it on, when I felt his arms wrap around my waist, his hands resting on my stomach. "I thought I told you not to look, Louis?"

He rested his head on my shoulder. "My eyes are still closed, actually." His voice sounded slightly raspier than usual, which gave me a little bit of a shiver. Then I noticed something else. Near my butt, I felt his stiff crotch press against my body. 

I stifled a giggle. "Well, your dick tells me otherwise..." I slipped from his grip and turned around to find him blushing, I bit my lip to stop myself from chuckling. I noticed a smile slip across his lips, and also that he was staring at my chest. I quickly covered up by pulling the t-shirt over my head, chest, then waist. The v-neck covering just above my cleavage and coming down to the middle of my thighs. I smirked at Louis, who's eyes were now dark as night. He clenched his hands in fists, and tensed his jaw. He looked as though he was trying to control himself, I don't know what from though. 

        His voice was still a little bit raspy, even after he cleared his throat, when he spoke. "Do you, uh, want to go watch a movie or something?" He pulls his bottom lip between his teeth, making me feel a little bit hot myself. 

"Uh, yeah. Let's watch a movie." I said, right before Louis booked it down the stairs. "Whoa, slow down, speed racer." I shouted after him, but he was already downstairs probably near the TV by the time I had gotten to the top of the stairs. By the time I had gotten downstairs, I found Louis on his knees by the TV; he had picked a few movies to watch already. I giggled a little before kneeling down next to him. The movies he had chosen were Titanic, American Pie, and Grease.

"You can choose from these movies, since I chose the last one we saw." Louis eyeballed me, smiling a bit. Were his eyes still dark? I shook off my thought, and grabbed Titanic.

"I love Leonardo DiCaprio, this is one of my favorite movies." He smiled, approving my choice, and put in the DVD. I stood up and glided over to the love-seat, planting my butt down in one of the corners. Louis, who had finished setting up the movie, made his way over to the other side of the love-seat. The movie started, it had been about ten minutes into the movie, and I felt extremely far away from Louis. I needed to get closer. I decided I was just going to go for it and lay my head on his shoulder, so I slowly inched closer during the movie, and every time I moved, he smiled a little. By an hour in, I was right next to him, and he finally pulled me in so his left arm was wrapped around my shoulders, his left hand holding my left shoulder, my head rested on his shoulder, and his right hand folded over mine; occasionally tracing the outline of my fingers.

        We sat like this for a while longer, until the sex scene. Louis had started moving his left hand up and down my arm, making the hairs on my body stand straight up immediately. He chuckled, then whispered in my ear. "So, you get goosebumps easily?" 

"Not usually." It was the truth, I rarely ever got goosebumps, only when my cool skin hit warm water in the winter time, or when I drank really hot tea, but that was it. I got so lost in his eyes, I didn't realize Louis had been closing in on me for a kiss until he was about a centimeter away. Our lips brushed gently before connecting, and his right hand instantly flew to the back of my neck. I felt his tongue swipe my bottom lip, asking for permission to explore my mouth, denied his access. He continued kissing me, a little bit rougher than before. Then, after a few minutes, he took my bottom lip, and tugged lightly with his teeth, causing me to moan like the last time, leaving my mouth opened a bit. He took advantage of that moment and explored my mouth; his tongue gliding over my teeth as if he had to memorize each and every concave and bend. Without thinking, I mimicked what he had been doing to me, grazing every single front bottom tooth of his, until our tongues met. Our tongues battled for dominance for a while, but Louis had eventually won.

        We were so caught up in our snog, that I didn't even notice the movie had ended and that the end credits were rolling. Louis pulled away, his hot breath striking my face. When I opened my eyes, I found Louis' to be indigo with tints of forest green, dark with lust. Lou quickly pulled away, mumbling something about putting away the DVD. I got up and bent at the waist next to him, sneaking him a peck on the cheek. "I'll be upstairs; I'm just gonna brush my teeth and get ready for bed, okay?"

He turned to face me, smiling politely. "Okay, Ali. I'll be right up." I return the smile, stand up, and make my way upstairs. I'm just finishing wiping away my make up when Louis' reflection behind me in the mirror. I'm pretty sure I saw him smiling through my blurry gaze, since I wasn't wearing my glasses. "So it is true."

I turn to him, confusion spreading fast through my expression. "What? What's true?"

He taps the bottom of my chin, bringing my head up and closer to his own. "That some girls are as pretty without make up as they are with it." His face contorts into a more genuine smile, rather than the usual cheeky one, as he brushes his fingers against my cheek and places my grown out side bangs behind my ear. I blush, giving him a quick peck on the lips. 

We walk over to his bed, me on the right, him on the left. He slides over to my side of the bed, holding me close to him. I feel so safe, so right, in his arms. "Goodnight, Louis." 

"Goodnight, Alizandra." And with that, I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep in his arms.

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