This is happening as if Louis was never in One Direction, but he does still know the boys.

Ali doesn't want to move. She doesn't want to leave her best friend, Ella, on senior year. Ella was the gorgeous one who always got the boys, while Ali barely ever got a second glance. But when she is forced to move to London, she finds Louis, a boy who is kind hearted and caring.


4. Friends?

 It was Friday, of my third week here, and because of Louis, I've already been invited to a party. Actually, it was that Harry guy's party, to be exact. I was planning on just skipping out, staying at home and reading my book. I looked at my phone; it was 4:37.

But there was something else on my screen, a message from Louis. 'Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?' it read.

I replied with 'I was actually planning on staying home, enjoying my book and a cup of tea.' 

Moments later, I opened up another text, saying 'What?! Why would you do that?' He obviously didn't notice he was my only friend here, since I wasn't too social. 

'I'm not that big a fan of parties.' I set my phone down, heading back to my book.

        I had just gotten comfy, spread out on the bed, laying with my book in my hands, when my phone rang. Who could that be? I thought, smirking when I glanced at the caller ID showing it was Louis.

"What is it, Louis?" I asked, with a hint of amusement in my voice.

"Please please please please please come to the party? You don't have to drink or anything, but please, just come with me? I'll give you a ride there and back!" He sounded like a little kid asking their parents for a puppy, I couldn't help but laugh now.

"Hmmm, sounds pretty tempting... But I really want to find out what happens between-"

"Katniss and Peeta can wait. Please, Ali?" I couldn't give up quite yet, I was having fun. I switch my position of laying on my bed to sit up, back slouching slightly. For being a dancer, I had extremely bad posture at times.

"Louis, I don't know..." I trailed off, trying to think of another excuse.

"Come to your door." With that said, he hung up. What the hell? I thought, as I made my way down the stairs, down the hall, and to the seven foot tall door. As soon as I opened it a sliver, Louis burst through, strutting down the hall. "Girl, you need to go to that party, not just for my sake, but for your sake too. You need to relax and have some fun, sista!" I clutched my stomach, which now hurt from laughing so hard.

Once I was able to catch my breath, I glanced at him; he was still posed so his hands were on his hips and his left toe was popped slightly. and said "Okay, that was super gay, but you convinced me. I'll go."

He chuckled while dragging me upstairs to my room. "Let's go pick a fabulous outfit for your first house party in London."


~ ~ ~

        I can't believe him. He's going through all my clothes, picking stuff that would 'go well together' and stuff that 'isn't party worthy'. I'm just sitting on my bed picking at my lips, a bad habit of mine, when all of a sudden he turns around, a cheeky smile spread across his lips and his arms behind his back.

"You should wear just this. Nothing else." That's when he brings his right arm around to show me what he had found. In his hand is something I recognized almost instantly: my red, lacy, cheeky cut underwear.

I feel heat rise to my cheeks, I jump up and make my way over to him as I shout. "Hey! Get out of my underwear drawer, you perv!" He holds his hands up in defence, laughing.

"Hey now, I'm just picking out your outfit for the party. I mean, I'm pretty sure your panties and bra count as part of your outfit."

"You went through my bra drawer too?" I raised an eyebrow, and I felt even more heat on cheeks, even though I didn't even think that was possible.

"Maybe..." He backed away slightly. "Oh by the way, you should wear the black push up one. The one with red lace. It's hot..."

"And why does my underwear have to be hot?" I questioned, using my fingers to put quotes around the word 'hot'.

He turned away, going back to looking through my clothes with a smirk still slapped on his face. He pulled out a tight black mini dress that had short sleeves and a silver studded collar. Then he walked back over to my dresser and pulled out the 'hot' bra. "You'll also wear this dress, and...." He stepped into my closet once more, looking at the shoe rack. "These!" He turned around showing what pair of shoes were in his hand. They were a pair Ella had made me buy a few months back, deep red silk stilettos, that just so happened to match the underwear Louis had chosen.

"Why are my shoes matching my underwear, Lou?"

"Just go have a shower and get ready. The party starts at nine, and it's already five. We have only got four hours!" I roll my eyes while laughing under my breath, and slip into my bathroom to shower.

        About an hour and a half later, I step out of my bathroom, completely ready, to find Louis on his phone. I cleared my throat, which caused Louis to look up. As soon as he did, his jaw inched downward slightly. He scanned my messily curled hair, the tight dress that hugged my curves perfectly, then down my short legs (which looked surprisingly long in the short dress and heels), to my feet, then back up to my eyes, which looked extremely green, thanks to the contrast of my red shoes and lipstick. I have to say though, Louis was right, at least about the dress and shoes. I still have no idea what wearing hot underwear has to do with this, though. "You look stunning." Louis said, looking almost starstruck.

"Thanks, Lou." I smiled and walked over to my bed, which he was spread out on. "I still don't understand the underwear thing, though."

He smirked "I guess you're too innocent to understand."

"What do you mean by that? I'm not that innocent!" I shot back, but really, I was the most innocent person I've known, even my younger sister has had her first kiss.

"Really?" Louis raised an eyebrow. "Tell me, what have you done?"

My posture straightened. Did he actually just ask that? "That's... uhh.... personal information, Lou."

"Mhmm, whatever." Louis rolled his eyes, laughing. I just looked down, embarrassment washing over me. "There's no need for that, Ali. I'm not making fun of you. In fact, I find your innocence cute." He sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed, pulling me down to force me into his lap, and hugged me from behind. It kind of surprised me a bit at first and I stiffened, but I eventually found myself comfortable with this. We stayed like that for a while. I liked it, to be honest. It felt right. Then, I unexpectedly felt his arms slip from around me. "We should probably get going," he said, checking his phone. "It's eight and Adam said he needed help." I nod, stood up, grab my little silver bag, and follow Louis down the stairs.

        Hayden runs into us as we reach the bottom of the stairs. "Who's this hottie, Alizandra? Is he your boyfriend?" Her voice contorts the word 'boyfriend' and she starts laughing.

"Actually, honey, I am. Now run along. My girlfriend and I are going to a party." Louis puts his arm around my waist, and leads me down the hall. I look back, Hayden's mouth in an 'o'. I bit my lip to stop from laughing, or before I can correct him.

As soon as we exit the house, I started giggling, "Thanks, Lou." I say, then plant a kiss on his cheek.

"She's your younger sister, she needs to learn to respect you." He stated, escorting me to his car.

        It was nine-thirty, and Louis had pretty much instantly left my side once the party started. I completely understood, since he did have other friends. He did say he'd be back, but that was an hour ago, so I occupied myself with a drink. I went in the kitchen to grab a water, but a beer had caught my eye. I don't know why it did, but just looking at it caused a craving. I plucked it from the cooler, popped the lid, and tilted my head slightly back as the bitter liquid slid down my throat. By the time Louis came back, I was on my fifth bottle, I think. I was starting to feel quite tipsy; no, tipsy was an understatement. I was feeling pretty damn drunk. The room was slightly spinning, but I continued dancing by myself right where Louis had left me.

        "There you are! It's almost eleven, and Adam's just starting up a game." He grabbed my wrist and led me over to the living room area, where Adam was setting a empty beer bottle in the middle of a circle of about sixteen other teenagers. Louis dragged me over to the circle, and he sat me down next to him.

"Hey Lou! Are you and Ali gonna play?" Adam wiggled his thick eyebrows, but I could hardly tell through my intoxicated fog.

"We sure are! Right, Ali?" He looked at me, pleading for me to play with his teal, sparkling eyes. Damn! How could I say 'no' to him? He's so beautiful.

"Why not, one game won't hurt, right?" His smile widened, and he brought me to sit right next to him, his hand wrapped around my back to sit on my left hip.

"What are we playing, anyways?" Louis questioned, squinting his eyes.

"Seven minutes in heaven, man." Adam replied, smirking. With that, he quickly grabbed the bottle and flicked his wrist, leaving the bottle to spin.

        I was praying it wouldn't land on me. I don't know, something about Adam made me uneasy, ever since the day I met him at the movies with Louis. Earlier today, when he had Lou and I come over  early to help decorate, he had me doing most of the work while he and Louis talked, and whenever I turned around, he would always be staring at me with a cheeky, devil-like smile on his face. But that wasn't the first time; he's passed me in the hall at school quite a bit, eyes trailing up and down my body every time, a smug smirk travelling across his lips. 

        My trance was broken by Louis squeezing my left hip lightly. "Hmm?" I hummed.

"It's your turn, Ali. To spin the bottle." He whispered, and I was now aware of the other people around me, giggling at my cluelessness.

"Oh." I got onto my knees and crawled towards the bottle, leaning forward to spin it. I backed up so I wouldn't accidentally touch the bottle and cause it to stop. The wait to see who I'd be entering the 'closet of doom' with and slapping their hands away for a whole seven minutes was excruciatingly painful. I just wanted to get this over with.

I was looking down when I heard a bunch of 'ooh's and I heard a rough, raspy voice spit out "Friends? Not for long." That caught my attention, it sounded like Adam. Then, I remembered I only had one friend here. I looked up to see the bottle pointing slightly to my right, and I followed the direction it pointed in, until I found my eyes gazing into Louis'. He was probably just as shocked as I was, his mouth showed it; taking the form of an 'o', but in his eyes I found not only shock, but what looked to be happiness, and was that a little bit of relief? I don't know, but I couldn't be happier. I knew Louis wasn't going to try anything, so I allowed myself to smile.

        We both got up and made our way to the walk in coat closet, where we were quickly shoved in, door locked behind us, lights off. I suddenly felt a little claustrophobic, my breathing getting a little heavy. "What's wrong, Ali? Are you okay?" Louis hugged me from behind for the second time tonight, which caused me to jump a little.

"Yeah, the alcohol's just getting to me, but I'm fine, Louis."

"Here, sit on my lap."

"What? No, Lou, I'm too heavy."

"C'mon Ali, trust me."

        Biting my lip, I slowly descended from my standing position to find myself sitting with my butt in between his crossed legs, my legs flopped over his right leg, and the right side of my body pressed to his chest as he held me. "See, it's not that bad, am I right?" I could hear the smile in his voice, which caused me to smile.


        I relaxed my head to rest near his shoulder. I felt the heat of his breath suddenly reach my forehead, then he gently pressed his soft lips to where his breath had recently hit. I looked up at him through my lashes, to find his eyes burning into my soul. Before I could even react to my actions, I moved my face upward, leaned in, and kissed the left corner of his mouth. My eyes widened when I realized what I just did, and I slowly started to move out of Louis' lap. As I did, he quickly grabbed me by hips, sat me back down, so I was facing and straddling him this time, cupped my face with his hands, and looked me in the eyes. We stayed like that for a few seconds before he leaned in and closed his eyes. Before I knew it, his lips locked with mine. It was only a three second kiss, but it definitely had me mesmerized. We both inched back a bit, opening our eyes to look into each others. All of a sudden, I felt confused. Does he see me as a friend or more? Is he just piss drunk? Will he even remember this in the morning?  Just the thought of him not remembering the magical moment we shared scared the hell out of me. I got up and helped Louis up right as Harry opened the door. Thank god I used my smudge-proof lipstick, otherwise there'd be proof of the kiss. I walked out of the closet as quick as I could, leaving behind a very confused Louis. He caught up with me though, grabbing my hand to whip me around to face him.

"What's wrong?" He asked, concern spread all over his face?

"I'm not feeling too well, too many beers." I said, only half convincingly.

"Oh, do you want me to drive you home?"

"Ummm, I could just wa-"

"Ali, you're not walking home by yourself at this time of night. Let me drive you." Louis interrupted. Why did he have to be so stubborn?

"Okay, Louis. You can drive me home." I weakly smiled, I just wanted to go home, sleep, and hopefully forget what happened, even if it was the best night of my life and my first kiss. Oh god, my new friend was my first kiss. My head was turning.

"Okay, Al, let's go." He whispered. He sounded almost disappointed. 

        The drive home was pretty quiet, besides Louis asking how I felt. He was a really good drunk driver, I had to admit, I was impressed. When we reached my house, I thanked him for the ride, giving him a quick hug and kiss on the cheek. "Feel better, love. Text me in the morning." He smiled. I shot him the biggest smile I could without it looking fake, and lightly shut the passenger's door. I unlocked the door to my home, and stepped in. But before I could close the door, I looked back to find him still in his car, on my driveway, waiting for me to make sure I got inside. How sweet. I waved to him, and blew him a kiss, watching him 'grab' the kiss and put it to his mouth. I smiled at him, mouthed a 'goodnight', then shut and locked the door. I sprinted upstairs to my room to look out my window to find him just backing out of the driveway. I really hoped he remembered tonight, but if he did, I didn't just want to be his friend anymore. I wanted to be more, way more. And hopefully, he felt the same.

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