Mary's Song

Mary White and Niall Horan have been best friends since they were 7 and a few years later when Niall leaves to audition for the X Factor and becomes famous Mary feels like Niall has forgotten about her untill one day he unexpectedly calls and invites her to stay with him and the lads for a while in the summer.


1. The Neighbors

( Mary P.O.V )       When i was 7 i moved to Mullingar, Ireland with my Mom,Dad and older brother Logan and met  the love of my life. - Flash Back - "Come meet the Neighbors!" yelled my mom "Okay!" i yelled back "Get Logan too!" Dad yelled from downstairs. ughhhh i groaned and stomped to my brother room and pounded on the door and said "Logan we have to go meet the neighbors! Mom want's us downstairs right now!" "You didn't have to yell! i heard you" Logan said opening the door " whatever just get downstairs" i said and stomped downstairs and froze at the end of the stairs i saw a really cute brunette haired boy who looked my age he also had blue eyes and i must have stood there like an idiot because my brother came running downstairs and pushed me and i fell "OOPS" Logan said sarcastically and i shot him a dirty look. "Mary!" my mom said "come here"  I approached her with a small smile " yes mom?" i said to her " this is Niall" she says pointing to the cute boy i was looking at earlier " and Greg" my mother said pointing to a boy who seemed like the same age as Logan " Hi " i said giving a sheepish smile a lady who looked like Niall's mom said " I'm Maura " shaking my hand " and I'm Bobby " a man said who must've been Niall's dad. " Hi " i nervously said blushing and looking at Niall " i bet you 2 will be best friends " my mother said



A/N  Hey i might not post in a while after this cause somethimes i got NO free time so PLEASE be patient! - Meikay

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