Mary's Song

Mary White and Niall Horan have been best friends since they were 7 and a few years later when Niall leaves to audition for the X Factor and becomes famous Mary feels like Niall has forgotten about her untill one day he unexpectedly calls and invites her to stay with him and the lads for a while in the summer.


2. 2 Years Later...

 ( Mary P.O.V ) " Niall " i yelled he was pushing me on a rope swing in my big backyard a little too high " Sorry " said Niall. That time we were 9 years old and we were closer then ever almost like brother and sister but i kinda had a crush on him and i didn't want to tell him it might ruin our friendship and anyway i doubt he likes me back. A few hours earlier i dared him to kiss me and ran all around the field when he tried. He slowed down after 8 minuets of chasing me because he ran out of breath. " You may be a girl but you're as fast as a boy " Niall said " Actully no you're just a slow runner " i replied " I'm Reaaaaalllly hungry " we both said at the same time of course i was just like Niall i could eat and eat but would'nt gain a pound. " Race ya " i said running towards the house " No Fair! you gotta head start " Niall yelled behind me I was already at my porch " come on slow poke! " I said " coming " he said running towads me. We ran inside the house and sat at the table. After dinner Niall had to go home so i hugged him and did our secret handshake " bye Niall " i said " bye Mary see ya at school " Niall said running home but it actully wasn't goodbye. My room and his are facing eachother and we have really big windows and sometimes i leave the shades open and Niall watches me like a creep.- Next Day - " hey Nialler! " i said " Hey! " Niall replied. We walk to school together almost everyday and we have the same class together and sometimes sneak oreos in class to eat. We only got caught once because of the snich in our class. I only have one problom about going to school i'm the only American in the whole school and i ge teased nut Niall is always there to protect me thats one of the reasons why Niall is my BFF there are many other reasons why too. Today Me and Niall were eating oreos during math and this time the teacher caught us " Mary,Niall give me those this is the 4th time " " not really " i said under my breath Niall must've heard me cause he was smiling tring not to laugh

 A/N Hey! i think im going to update every other week sorry its so short ran out of ideas u could help me with some ideas if you like! - Meikay

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