Which one?

Lacy's older brother, Zayn is her best friend until he leaves her behind to go on the singing show the X-Factor. When he is put into a band with 4 other people she soon realizes she is in love with two of them. Will Zayn be able to set her straight?


4. Practice time

After breakfast we cleared the table and went to the couch. "Ok" I said "let me hear you sing... Ummm... Justin Beiber baby" he looked at me and smiled " and I was like baby baby baby oh like baby baby Baby no like baby baby baby oh I thought you'd always be mine" he sung it so beautiful I almost walked over to the phone and called for a place on the X-Factor. But of corse it was up to mom. "Zayn" I said smiling "that was wonderful, now lets do some humming to warm up your throat." He looked at me and his face turned red " oh thanks, alright hmmm hmm." I really think he's got a chance. If mom says no I'm going to find a way to make her say yes or we'll sneak out. But I'm sure it will be a yes because she knows how much it would mean to him. Plus she has heard him sing before and knows he's good." Ok I think that's enough Practice for today" I said "cool now I can go shoot some hoops wanna come and play some 1v1?" He asked. "Sure just let mr take a shower and get ready and stuff first." I went to my room shut my door grabbed some new cloths and got into a nice warm shower.
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