Which one?

Lacy's older brother, Zayn is her best friend until he leaves her behind to go on the singing show the X-Factor. When he is put into a band with 4 other people she soon realizes she is in love with two of them. Will Zayn be able to set her straight?


2. His voice

I woke up in my bed, my hair was a total mess. I looked around for a bit then walked over to my bathroom, pulled open the drawer, and grabbed the hairbrush. As soon as my hair was sort of ok I stepped out into the hall in my polka dot pajamas and my bunny slippers. Zayn was sitting on the couch watching television. " good your up " he laughed " now I can take a shower" " okay " I said softly. He went in his bathroom and shut the door. I heard the shower click on, his bedroom door was open. Buzz buzz buzz his phone was vibrating. I walked in his room and grabbed it off the nightstand. It read: *From mom, Zayn I hope you and your sister are getting along I will be home in like a week or so. Africa, is so amazing all the people animals and wildlife. We just are finishing up a few things here on business but I will be home before spring break is over. Thanks so much for understanding. I love you both xx mom* I put his phone down smiling. Then I heard it. It sounded like Michael Jackson was here. I walked closer to the bathroom door, Zayn was singing. He was pretty talented. One time, we were in the car and he was singing and I was like mom turn it up please. So she did and a completely different song came on. We looked over at Zayn who was curious why we were looking at him like that. We both laughed. He was gifted. The shower clicked off and the water trickled into the drain. I ran into my room afraid he would get mad if he caught me in his room.
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