Which one?

Lacy's older brother, Zayn is her best friend until he leaves her behind to go on the singing show the X-Factor. When he is put into a band with 4 other people she soon realizes she is in love with two of them. Will Zayn be able to set her straight?


3. Breakfast

One thing you may not know about Zayn is he loves to cook. He'll cook anything for you. This morning he made us breakfast. " Lacy get in here I made food!" He yelled from the kitchen. "Yeah" I yelled back. I walked into the kitchen to find food on our table. A plate for me and a plate for him. In the middle of the table there was hashbrowns, eggs, pancakes, bacon, and a glass of orange juice for me. He has his usual drink- milk. He turned on our little kitchen tv and the news was on." Anyone looking to become the next great singing popstar? Well now is your chance. Open audition for the X-Factor are starting Tuesday, May, 15." I looked at him he looked almost sad. " you should enter" I told him. " what me why?" He asked as if he didn't know "c'mon Zayn I've heard you sing in the shower in the car and well any where else. You love to sing and your good at it" I finally said. He blushed " you really think so?" I smiled " would I lie to you about something this important?" "No!" He said " we'll then" I laughed " let's get practicing " "ok coach" we chuckled.
We cleared the table and sat in the living room.
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