Which one?

Lacy's older brother, Zayn is her best friend until he leaves her behind to go on the singing show the X-Factor. When he is put into a band with 4 other people she soon realizes she is in love with two of them. Will Zayn be able to set her straight?


6. Are you ready?

A few days after our first practice I could tell Zayn was progressing each time. We practice twice a day. " Zayn are you ready to make the call?" I asked him. He looked at me with that little half smile and said " let's do this" we laughed and ya it was pretty amazayn. We had to wait for a while because the lady put us on hold for like 3hrs apparently there was supposed to be a lot of talent this year. We went out for lunch and Zayn took his Cell phone so he could answer the phone when he got a call or text. When he got a call from mom we smiled really big because we thought it was The X-Factor people- but it wasn't. We went home and sat on our couch, two tired teens who were about to have the biggest grin ever seen. That's when we got the call!
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