Which one?

Lacy's older brother, Zayn is her best friend until he leaves her behind to go on the singing show the X-Factor. When he is put into a band with 4 other people she soon realizes she is in love with two of them. Will Zayn be able to set her straight?


1. Are you awake?

" Zayn, are you awake?" I tiptoed quietly into his bedroom across the hall. His room was big, like mine. It had a connected bathroom a basketball hoop on the door and a queen size bed. " Lacy" he said blinking lots and looking at his phone " it's 2:00 in the morning why would I be awake?" I shrugged " oh, I don't know, maybe because Teen Celebrity is on in 5 minutes!" Teen Celebrity is our favorite show the only bad part is its on at 2:00 in the morning since its on American time. Zayn was my older brother and if you couldn't tell we got along pretty good, I was 16 he was 19. We fought but made up soon after. He came out of the bathroom " Well " he said " turn it on " I laughed "oh yeah"
"Lacy wake up" Zayn said " Teen Celebrity is over its 3:00 go get in bed" carry me I felt like saying but I knew he would just laugh and ask if my legs were broken! " okay" I whispered " goodnight " Zayn stopped at his door and gave me a hug " goodnight"
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