Snow is Zayn Malik's forgotten older sister. She ran away when she was five, and keeps watching her brother, and protecting him like she promised, many years ago. Will her remember her or will he have forgotten? What happens when a certain someone in the band falls for Snow? A certain boy who just happens to be pigeon obsessed and loves carrots.


17. Nice Things Make You Feel Better

Snow's POV

I woke up feeling renewed, as if all the bad things in my life were washed away all because of Louis. He was still asleep and laying next to me on the bed, so I cautiously got up form the bed, not wanting to wake up such a perfect sight.

I'm not very sneaky, nor was he even sleeping because when I stood up straight, his arm shot up at mine and pulled me back down.

"Sorry, love, you aren't leaving that early." He mumbled.

I struggled, giving him puppy dog eyes, "Louis," I whined, "let me go, please."

He thought about it for a few moments before saying, "Uh, no."

"No fair, I have to meet Perrie soon." After I realized what I said, I got saddened.

His face softened up from his smirk, "What's the matter?"

"Don't worry for me, please?" I sighed; I didn't have money to go shopping, let alone any nice clothes to wear around town.

He made a face, "No, I care about you and if something is wrong, you better tell me or I'll tickle you!"

I gasped, "You wouldn't!" But he did, "Louis! Stop! I'll tell you!" I laughed as he climbed on top of me and started tickling my sides

"Finally." He sighed in success.

My face dropped a little bit from my laughter, "I don't have money to go shopping and I didn't want to ask you for anything..." I trailed off.

"Nonsense, I'll come with you guys and pay for you." He shrugged as if it was no big deal. Oh right, boyband member.

My head perked up, "Maybe Zayn could come too and he could talk to Perrie about what happened."

"Ask him." He smiled, and I nodded.

I got up from Louis' bed and slipped my shorts on before going to find Zayn. He was in the kitchen of the giant hotel suite making himself a cup of coffee.

He smiled lightly at me before speaking, "You never explained yourself to me about being related to me."

"Now's isn't the time to discuss family matters. Lou and I are going to shop for me with Perrie. You have to come and talk to her and tell her how badly you messed up. She's pregnant for God's sake! It's the least you owe her." I ordered him, and since I was older than him, he had to listen.

He sighed, "Do I have a choice?" I shook my head and he sighed once more, "I'll get ready, then."

I smiled at my success and trudged back into Louis' room to grab my shoes and see if he was getting ready. He was sitting on the bed, already dressed and ready to go.

"C'mon, Perrie should be waiting for us around back." I pulled his hand and helped him up from the bed, taking him into the kitchen to wait for Zayn.

"I think it's nice, what you're doing." Louis smiled at me.


"Helping your brother with the Perrie problem." He tucked a stray strand of ruby hair behind my ear, making me shudder under his touch.

"My life was terrible before this, to be honest, so I thought doing nice things would make me feel better. It's no big deal, actually." I shrugged with a small smile. Now all I needed to do was get them to actually make up.

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