Snow is Zayn Malik's forgotten older sister. She ran away when she was five, and keeps watching her brother, and protecting him like she promised, many years ago. Will her remember her or will he have forgotten? What happens when a certain someone in the band falls for Snow? A certain boy who just happens to be pigeon obsessed and loves carrots.


5. My Zain, Not the Bradford Badboi

Snow’s POV

I was just sitting in the alley when I realized that I left Zayn in there alone. I sighed and slowly stood back up, making my way over to the back door of the mall.

When I got in, I swiftly walked over to my corner, well, almost swiftly. I tripped and fell on my face. I got up quickly, embarrassed because everyone around me was laughing. I ran to the corner and slid down the wall. I could feel my blush. I looked over to him and he was looking at me, laughing. Even if he doesn’t know that I’m his sister, it still made me mad. I would have hoped that he would actually be kind enough to go and help a girl when she fell.

~ One hour later ~

I looked over to the clock and the stupid thing for Zayn had ended, finally. I got to my feet and once again, went out the back door.  

I walked to the beginning of the woods, but kept going until I reached my make-shift campsite. The campsite was pretty close to the hotel he was staying at, making it quite easy to know if he ever leaves the building.

I followed the stream until I got to the small pond and waterfall. I let my clothes fall to the ground as I stepped into the cool water. I walked up to the waterfall, where the water came just to my waist. As I stepped into the falling water, I fought the urge to yelp in pain as the rushing water passed the scars on my back. Yes, it was still there. And you can still read it perfectly. I hated Yasir for putting that on my back. It was unfair.  

I started to sing the songs I sang to my Zain Malik, not the Bradford Badboi, my Zain. The tears started to run down my face but my voice stayed strong, it wasn’t until then that I realized that my Zain was gone.

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