Snow is Zayn Malik's forgotten older sister. She ran away when she was five, and keeps watching her brother, and protecting him like she promised, many years ago. Will her remember her or will he have forgotten? What happens when a certain someone in the band falls for Snow? A certain boy who just happens to be pigeon obsessed and loves carrots.


11. I'd Expect More From A Brother Of Mine

Snows POV

He smiled that evil smile as he took a step closer to me, knife in hand.  I tried to scream but couldn't.  He plunged the knife into my back, carving the words.  

I woke up; muffling my screams into the pillow I was suffocating in my arms. Luckily, hadn't woken anyone, but I heard noise outside the room. I stepped out and couldn't believe my eyes.  


Zayn’s POV

I woke up to the sound of my phone beeping, letting me know I had a waiting text message. It was, of course, from Perrie.

Perrie: Hey babe u up?

Me: Am now :) vas happnin?

Perrie: I need 2 c u now, can I come over?

Me: sure babe c u soon

Perrie got here in about five minutes.  

She came over to where I was sitting and sat across from me.

"Uh, Zayn?  I need to tell you something..."

"Sure babe what’s up?"  She looked worried.


"Just say what you need to say babe." I was worried now.  She looked frightened.

She took one deep breath before saying, "Zayn...I...I’m pregnant Zayn."  Whoa.  I was going to be a dad.

"That-that’s wonderful!  What’s wrong?"  She looked EXTREMELY frightened now.

"Well, Zayn, the thing is you’re not, uh, the child isn't yours."  Did I hear her right? No, Perrie wouldn't cheat. Would she? But if the kid isn't mine, then…

"HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?” I was losing it, I rose up my hand to slap her but I was stopped.


Snow's POV

She was pregnant and that’s great! I would be an aunt, not that anyone would know that the child and I were actually related.

But wait a second, did she just say the kid isn't his? No, I warned him. But then after yelling at her, he raised his hand to slap her. I ran out of the hallway and right in front of Zayn grabbing his hand.

"LEAVE HER ALONE! You don't hit your girlfriend! She told you wonderful news and I’m sure she has an explanation!"  I stopped screaming in his face for a second, turning to face the blonde. Perrie, was it?

"Right?"  I asked her.

"Of course I do!" Tears spilled down her cheeks.

I pulled Zayn by his ear and down to the couch. I had the satisfaction of watching him wince when I pulled.

"Listen to her, I’m listening to. Go on."

"Okay. So Zayn the baby is not yours. It’s my ex-boyfriends. I broke up with him three months ago and started dating you two months ago. I promise you I would never cheat. I only just found out about this today. If you want to take a break, I understand."  She looked worriedly back at Zayn.

He was looking at the ground, "Get out."  He whispered.

I looked disapprovingly at him and then saw Perrie's eyes fill with tears and she nodded.

She stood up and ran out the door.  I got up to follow her but first turned to Zayn.

"You don't know what you lost. You're pathetic. I’d expect more from a brother of mine." Then I realized what I said and saw his confused face look up at me before I bolted out the door.

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