Snow is Zayn Malik's forgotten older sister. She ran away when she was five, and keeps watching her brother, and protecting him like she promised, many years ago. Will her remember her or will he have forgotten? What happens when a certain someone in the band falls for Snow? A certain boy who just happens to be pigeon obsessed and loves carrots.


14. Brotherly Love

Louis' POV

After being awakened by a shout, I climb out of bed and notice that Snow isn't on the ground.  Then I turn away from my window and notice that Snow isn't on the floor.  

I pulled on a shirt that was slung over my chair and entered the living room. I slouch down to the couch and I hear laughter coming from the kitchen.  

I start to walk over there, and stop when I see Zayn tickling Snow. They were so close and the smile on her face was so true; she loved him. That was pretty obvious.

No; I love her and I never get the girl. It seems like the boys still think I need to get over El, but I practically forgot about her.

And what about Perrie, doesn't Zayn still love her?

Zayn notices me and stops tickling Snow. She then turns to face me. Hurt flashes over me and then jealousy runs over my features.  

I simply exit the building. I really don't know where I'm going. Then, it starts to rain; just my luck.


Snow's POV

After Louis leaves, I look worriedly at Zayn.

He looks at me. "Snow, he's just jealous. Go after him, he loves you."  He smiles.

I grin and take a deep breath.

"Zayn, I love you but, not in that way because you're my baby brother. Long story and I will explain later." I say all I one breath.

I kiss Zayn on the cheek and rush out the door.  I was glad I had gotten dressed before I came out of the room. It's raining when I get outside but I don't care. I stop at the street. Right or left? I’m going left. I run and run. When I get to a dead end, I go right. I find a park. Hopefully he's there. 

~ 15 minutes later ~

He's not here. I'm soaked; everything is soaked. My bare feet smack against the pavement as I run. And I return back to the hotel, then I go into the woods where Lou and I first met.

I walk past my muddy campsite past more trees and find the pond.  There’s a man standing by the side of it.

"Lou?" He turns my direction.

I leap the last yard and jump into his arms. Apparently, I forgot to think about the slippery mud on the ground and we both splashed into the pond.

As I resurfaced I saw him already standing.  I worried he would yell at me but he just laughed. I started giggling with him.

After a while we stopped, and I looked at him again. 

"I can explain what you saw in the kitchen."

"Really? Because it just looks like you guys just love each other so much. You guys are the perfect couple. You would make a great family. Have a bunch of kids." Sarcasm dripping from his voice but I still couldn't hold what I did next in. I rushed to the side of the pond and puked last night’s dinner into a bush.  Just thinking about what he said was just gross, and wrong.

I wiped my mouth with my hand and tried to spit away the vile taste that was now in my throat. He looked surprised when I turned to face him.  I stomped over and my hand flew and smacked him almost as hard as I slapped Zayn.  

"YOU’RE SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT LOUIS.  ZAYN IS MY BIOLOGICAL BABY BROTHER.  I DO LOVE HIM BUT NOT IN THAT WAY.  Why the hell do you think I put up with all your guys' crap?  Haven't you ever noticed me stalking you guys?"  I stormed off.


Louis POV


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