Snow is Zayn Malik's forgotten older sister. She ran away when she was five, and keeps watching her brother, and protecting him like she promised, many years ago. Will her remember her or will he have forgotten? What happens when a certain someone in the band falls for Snow? A certain boy who just happens to be pigeon obsessed and loves carrots.


12. Befriending Perrie

^ Snow ^

Snows POV

I chased after Perrie, forgetting what I said to Zayn and deciding to deal with it later. I caught her arm just before she entered the elevator. Ignoring the fact that I barely knew her, I pulled twisted her around and pulled her into my arms.  She was surprised, but then she hugged me back, sobbing into my shoulder.

You may find this hard to believe, but I have had a boyfriend before. Three, actually. Two breaking my heart after getting what they wanted, just what every man wants. The third boy was the one I had to leave because Zayn started touring around the globe.  

I just hugged her and whispered calming words in her ear. Then I pulled back and said, "He's not worth your tears, love. The men who are, however, won’t make you cry."

She nodded and sniffled, "I just, I didn't know until today and me and Dan had broken up months ago and-and-" She was cut off by her own sobs, poor thing.

"Hey, I know. It's okay. Sh."  I rubbed her back just letting her let it all out.  I can’t imagine what we look like right now.  The elevator had already gone and we were just standing in the hallway while Perrie's sobs echo off the walls.  

"Why are you helping me?  I mean, I don't even know you, but I mean, it actually feels like I know you, you know?  Anyway, you let me explain and your being all nice and I don't deserve it and-"

"First of all, I’m helping you because I know that Zayn," I flinch and she does too, "was being cruel and unfair.  And then, we have never met before but it does feel like I know you."  I knew where she was getting it from. Siblings; I'm probably reminding her of Zayn. Not by resemblance of course, hell no, but there was just something about me that reminds her of Zayn, which is not so good.

"I'm Snow Ma-" I don't want to tell her just yet. "Madison. Snow Madison." I hopped she didn't suspect anything. I knew by her eyes that she didn't believe me, but she didn't say anything. She just smiled at me.

"I’m Perrie Edwards. And it's spelt P-E-R-R-I-E not P-E-R-R-Y like Perry the Platypus."  She makes a face, "I hate it when people spell my name that way."  

I giggle. "I like you and I can tell we will be friends."  

"Of course! I like you, too. Can I get your number?"  She asks excitedly. 

I shift on my feet, "Uh, I actually don't have a phone, it’s a long story."  

"Oh, okay then; here." She looks through her purse and pulls out a pen.

I laugh as she writes her number on my hand.

"Don't forget.  Just have one of the boys call me. I figure your one of the new girl friends?" She looks into my eyes questionably, finally realizing that I was at home with the boys.

"Oh I’m not a girl friend.  Just a...Okay so let’s just say that one of the boys and I may or may not be related. I’m kind of watching out for him undercover kind of. You know?"

"No."  She looks confused.

I sigh, "Never mind. I'll call you tomorrow, yeah?" I say, hoping to change the subject.

She instantly smiles. "Yeah, and we can go shopping and get you a phone and get some more clothes-” She stops talking when she looks me over, taking in my dirty shorts and ratty T-shirt. "On second thought...maybe we should go today."

"Yeah, sure. I'll call you later. Bye Perrie." I'm actually looking forward to this. 

"Bye Snow.  See you later." She gets into the elevator with an elderly couple who had just pushed the button, staring at us with questioning eyes.

I can't wait till later, I think as I walk back to the room.


Harry's Dream

Oh, my god...  She is gorgeous.  The way she combs her hair and licks her lips is adorable.  I wish she was mine. I want her so bad.  She's  From her head to her toes, she is beautiful.  I wonder, though, who's is she?  Is she already loved by someone?  Why is she here?

She turns to me. Whoa. Her eyes are the most beautiful aqua color I have ever seen. Her nose is as cute as a button. I walk up to her and bend down and pick up the kitten.

I walk happily home to show Gemma my Kitty. I shall name her Fluffy, and she shall be mine.  She shall be my Fluffy.


Louis' Dream

I'm talking to Zayn about Doniya. Then suddenly I’m talking to Doniya, and not Zayn. Then we are talking about Snow. Doniya's hair starts to change red and then her face changes with the rest of her body and becomes pale.

Five seconds later, Snow is standing in front of me. I try to talk to her, but she is just looking beyond me.  I shake her; nothing.  I yell at her; still nothing.  I look deep into her eyes and I see everything and nothing.  I see Zayn and I see Zayn's sisters. Suddenly, I’m pulled out of her eyes when she whispers one word so quiet, I’m not sure if I heard her right. 

As soon as she said it, she was gone. All the walls faded away. Glass falls and shatters.  I fall , too, down and into the rabbit hole.

I shoot up from my bed, beads of sweat on my fore head.  The word that Snow whispered was "Family".


Niall's Dream

"Niall, I said do you want to go eat?  Like, eat food?"  Demi starred at me awaiting my answer.

 "YES!" I reply. I’m going out with Demi! Oh, my god!  

I walked off, following after Demi as she walked into Nandos!


Liam's Dream

Spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons.

Look out! Look out!

There’s something evil twitching, in your kitchen

Boogaly boogaly!

Silverware, everywhere.

They're terrible, horrible SPOONS.

Look here.  Look here.  

They can carry soup or peas.


Spoonaly spoonaly!

Lock your doors, check your drawers!

They're terrible, horrible SPOONS!

Look in a spoon, you look like a clown!

It's all fun and games but turn it around.

And now your face is UPSIDE DOWN.

It's truly the devil's work!

They never slice, or chop, or spear.

Or whisk, or dice, or pierce, or smear. 

No all they ever do, I fear,

is spoon, spoon, spoon, SPOON!

They're terrible, horrible SPOONS!

They're big,

They're small,

They scoop,

they flick,

they're silver,

they're wood,


They hold solids and liquids (there’s nothing that stops them)

They're convex on one side,

Concave on the opposite!

Spoon, spoon, spoon, spoon, spoon


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