Snow is Zayn Malik's forgotten older sister. She ran away when she was five, and keeps watching her brother, and protecting him like she promised, many years ago. Will her remember her or will he have forgotten? What happens when a certain someone in the band falls for Snow? A certain boy who just happens to be pigeon obsessed and loves carrots.


20. An Explaination

Snow's POV

We all sat together, the boys and I, on the couch in their current hotel; we've moved around a lot and from all that has been happening, we move around anyways. It was quiet as we tweeted or did something on our phones, leaving an eerie silence to lurk the room. It was making me slightly uncomfortable, until Zayn cleared his throat.

His eyes blazed into mine, "What?" I questioned, puzzled by his intense stare.

"Sorry, but you never explained how we were related in all that has been going on." Each of the other boys gasped in unison, except for Louis, who I've ready told.

I nodded my head, "Oh, yeah. I was hoping you'd forgotten about that," I spoke but quietly added, "like you forgot me."

He shook his head side to side with a half smile playing on the left side of his face, "Nah. It's all that I've ever though about since that day you spoke too fast for me to barely keep up."

"Oh, well, I suppose you want that explanation now?"

"That's a wonderful idea!" His tone perked up casually, "Please, continue your thoughts."

I took a deep breath before thinking about how to word this, "We were little, obviously. You were a just a two year old baby, crying in your crib. I was there to take car of you when Yasir wouldn't."

Zain cringed at the mention of that wretched name that I never wanted to say ever again, "Wha-? So its true, we are brother and sister because I've never told anyone that name, ever."

"Yes, now let me finish." I stated impatiently, "He used to beat me - a five year old little girl! It was horrible, you used to cry whenever I screamed or cried myself. I used to tell you it was going to be okay and you would quiet down instantly."

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I was thinking about what I was going to say next, "His beatings got so bad, that one day, it wasn't enough. He, uh, he took a knife to my back." I explained, lifting my shirt up enough for him to see my 'tattoo', "It's permanent, obviously. It still hurts, though, but its been there my entire life. Daddy's girl. I'm still haunted by the memories of that day - the day I left you."

"I remember hearing the dripping of blood as you cried out. You passed out infront of my bedroom door shortly after the sounds stopped - I remember that." He pulled the hem of my shirt back down to my waist.

"I saw you before I abandoned you. I held you in my arms and told you that I'd always look out for you and be there for you when you never knew. I did a really good job since I'm here now, telling you all this." I chuckled at the end, hoping to get rid of the shocked faces off of the other three boys.

"Wow, that's an emotional impact right there." Liam clutched his right hand to his heart, with a pouty face upon his lips.

"I second that." Niall and Harry both replied to Liam in unison, jinxing each other many times before one finally won.

I smiled halfheartedly, "But I'm still standing. Please don't pity me, I don't like that." I furrowed my eyebrows at a newly sad Louis.

"I can't not be sad that someone as beautiful as you have been hurt so badly, yet you've stayed so strong. I actually admire you for that." Louis smiled and all the boys came in close for a group hug that turned into a dog pile.

Life was slowly getting better for me, now that I have my baby brother back and somebody that loves me.

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