Truly, Madly, Deeply.

What happens when you mix Harry Styles, Arabella Channing, and love? Truly, Madly, Deeply.


2. Chapter Two


Waking up in a bed with Harry Styles is an exceptional experience. He’s a cuddle bug. I woke up to Niall knocking on my door,

“Ara! Have you seen Harry?!” I smiled and kissed Harry’s forehead and untangled his arms from around me I walked to the door while Niall pounded on the door I swung the door open and he accidentally knocked me in the forehead -hard, I remember falling backwards and landing on the floor and hearing Niall say.

“Oh my gosh! Arabella! I’m so sorry! Boys! Come quick! Help!” I watched` a rush of people gather at my side and I feel a familiar hand slip into mine and look down at me smiling, Harry. Liam and Louis look at me while Zayn tried to comfort Niall. I watch Paul come into my view and feel him pick me up and set me on the bed, he looks at the goose egg on my forehead and asks one of the boys to get me ice. Paul tells me to close my eyes I do and he massaged my temples and held the ice to my forehead for a minute, then I remembered Niall. Opening my eyes and searching for Niall, I gather Harry and Paul sitting with me and Liam, Louis, and Zayn are trying to calm Niall, I touched Paul’s hand and asked him to hold on, he nods and I look at Harry silently asking for him to release my hand, he nods. Niall looked so sad and upset, I hated to see my boys crying, the boys let me through and I sunk to the floor next to Niall and wrapped my arms around him, he hugged me back and kept apologizing, I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair and told him it was okay.

“Niall, it was an accident, silly, don’t get so upset. I’m not mad and anyway it will go away.” He shrugged, while I kissed his cheek lightly and wiped his tears, and told him to go eat with the other boys. Harry told Paul he wanted to stay with me while they went to breakfast, Paul reluctantly agreed and said he’d bring us back food. Harry scooped me up as soon as they left and he sat on the bed with me laying under the cool blankets he gave me some pain medicine like Paul said to and some water, I took the pills. Harry told me to lay back and close my eyes, as I did, he put the ice on my forehead and I relaxed as he hummed “One Thing” quietly, I felt myself slip into a peaceful sleep. Harry laid beside me the whole time and even tweeted a picture of me saying:

@Harry_Styles: @ArabellaChanning looks so cute even when she’s hurt! She’s a doll! xxH

I woke up with Paul sitting next to me, holding the ice to my head and saying,

“Come on, baby girl, you gotta get up, time to eat.” I smiled softly and he ran his fingers through my hair softly, acting as my protective father. (Paul is an awesome guy, funny, and caring most of the time, but protective and tough when he needs to be, he is like a father in my eyes, he tells me which boys to steer clear from and which ones are good. He said Harry is amazing, well all of the boys are pretty amazing, but he said Harry is the best to date because he is a good match for me). He made me sit up and put IHOP pancakes in front of me, I smiled and he gave me the syrup, I poured some and cut a piece off I took a bite and smiled,
“Yum, I love pancakes! Who knew?” He smiled and looked at me, "I knew you did, but I was gonna get you an omelet, Harry texted me and told me it was a pancake day, so I got you pancakes instead.” I laughed and he smiled as I handed him the other fork, we shared my breakfast and he finished what I didn’t, he looked at me and I looked back at him as he gave me the “ you -better- tell -me” look and I wasn’t arguing, since Lou wasn’t here to talk to, she’s amazing at talking.
“So, I love Harry to death, this whole thing is confusing, we aren’t technically together, and it’s confusing, Paul. What do I do? I mean he’s amazing and yeah we slept in the same bed with each other last night, we didn’t do anything, just fell asleep together, I swear, Dad.” He smiled as I called him Dad, he viewed me as his daughter, and the boys as his sons.
“I say be careful, I don’t want my kids getting hurt, especially if they are hurting each other. Harry is a good guy, you know he’s probably thinking about when to make it official? He loves you I can tell, the way he hovered over you when Niall knocked the hell out of you, he was there before I was, I got there right after him and before the other three. he was  holding your hand and he was so worried. Also, don’t sleep with him, we don’t need that right now, do you understand?” I nodded and he smiled and kissed my cheek as he got up. “Good girl,  now Harry is waiting,  I’ll send him in,” I nodded and he did our special teleport hand trick and messed up my hair, then he went out and sent Harry in. We locked eyes as soon as we could, he smiled and sat on the bed next to me and pulled me close to him, he kissed the top of my head and lightly touched my head,
    "Oh my, love, he got you good. He's so upset about it, he's worried you'll hate him." I frowned and looked at him.
    " I'm not mad at him, it was an accident. I wanna see him. " He looked at me and nodded,
    "Alright, I'll go get him." I looked at him and got up. He sputtered out quickly, " You look so.... attractive when you are determined and I was wondering if you, Arabella Caroline Channing, would be my girlfriend?" I looked at him surprised when it finally registered he looked at me worried   “I'll be a good boyfriend, I'll take care of you, no matter what, I love you, Ara, and I want you to be my life. " I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly I felt his familiar arms wrap around me tightly and hug me back.
    "Harry? "
     He looked at me innocently, "Yes, lovey?"
    "I love you too and I would love to be your girlfriend. "

He smiled and I felt him kiss my nose as he rubbed my back. I looked at him and then he remembered Niall; he nodded and slid his hand in mine and pulled me to the door showing me the way to Niall. We walked in and he and Louis looked at us. I walked over to Niall as he sat on the bed and I looked at him, he lightly kissed my forehead and I hugged him while he laid his head on my shoulder. I loved these moments with the boys they are so sweet and so gentle.

    "I'm sorry, Ara, I really am." I shhhhhhed him and rubbed his back.
    " It's okay, NiNi, I'm fine. I promise." He smiled at his nickname and moved some hair out of my face.
    " It's about time you and Harry got together officially. I'm happy for you guys, you deserve him and he definitely deserves you, Ara." I smiled and nodded,
    " I'm glad too Ni, so glad." He smiled and I felt another set of arms around me, it was Liam, he looked at my head worried but I looked at him as he studied me.
    " Liam, I'm fine. I iced it and it doesn't hurt, it's almost gone. I promise. "
    " I know,just checking on our girl. " He winked and kissed my cheek. "By the way, congrats to you and Hazza." I smiled and nodded,
    " Thanks Liam, boy does news travel fast."
    " Well he told us he was gonna ask you and since there's no arguing or feelings hurt, we assumed you were together. It's about time..." He laughed and set me next to Harry and Niall, feeling Harry's arms around me. I grabbed Niall's hand and he smiled when I looked at him and when Harry pulled me onto his lap. We all watched T.V.  together happily.

*Harry’s POV*
We watched T.V. for a while, Ara, had her head on my shoulder and Liam wanted to watch a movie, so we found ‘The Lion King’ and turned it on, then I felt her slump down. I moved a little so my baby could get comfortable, she laid with her head in my lap and Niall covered her up and nudged me as he smiled.
“You’re so lucky, man.” I nodded agreeing.
“Yeah, I know. She’s amazing.” Looking down at her and wrapping one of her dirty blonde, almost brown curls around my finger, she looked so peaceful, and so gorgeous without the makeup on. When I got tired of the movie, I picked her up and carried her into her room while Paul held the doors open for me and made sure we were okay, he nodded and walked out shutting the door. I let her sleep and watched TV until Paul came in and told me to wake her up for the show tonight. I woke her up by singing to her.

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