Truly, Madly, Deeply.

What happens when you mix Harry Styles, Arabella Channing, and love? Truly, Madly, Deeply.


3. Chapter Three

When Harry woke me up, by singing their wake up song: “It’s time to get up, in the morning. In the morning (2 times) Got McDonald’s breakfast for you. Just for you! Or any other brand... We drove two miles to get it. So you better get up and eat it. You don’t wanna be a selfish lazy, crazy, boy. So we gotta get up! Time to get up! It’s time to get up! It’s time to get uuup! It’s. Time. To. Get. Up. It’s time to get up! It’s time to get up! IT’S TIME TO GET UP! IT’S TIME! It’s time to get up- It’s time to- SHHHHH! Get up. It’s time. Doobie Dooo. WAAAAKE GET UPPPPPP! TIME TO GET UP! “
I laughed and looked at him as he kissed my cheek.
“How was your sleep, my love?” Smiling, I looked at him.
“ I didn’t even know I fell asleep... When did I fall asleep?” He looked at me and thought.
“When they turned ‘The Lion King’ on. You slumped over in my lap, I guess the beach and the bump on the head tired you out yesterday, huh?” I nodded and looked at him realizing something, we hadn’t had our first official first kiss as a couple yet. Then I leaned in for a kiss and felt Harry’s lips against mine kissing me back. My gosh, were his lips so soft and they tasted so good, his hands drifted up and stopped in the middle of my back and began rubbing circles on my back. When he pulled away, the smile on my face was so wide, he laughed and touched my cheek.
“You’re so beautiful, Arabella...” I felt my cheeks get warm, I wasn’t much of a blusher but, I did just kiss Harry Styles, and he’s my boyfriend. Hearing him chuckle as he touched my warm cheeks made my day, just to see him happy was amazing. He’s perfect.
“Hey, Bella, we have an hour before we need to leave, babe.” I nodded and got up, I went in the bathroom and slid my dark skinny jeans on and a red flowy lace top with a white tank top underneath it and I put my red Toms on and did my hair and makeup quickly I slid a red hair beanie on. Harry looked up at me and smiled hugely, I was unsure what it was about.
“You look...amazing...” he said trailing off and looking at me. The boys ran in screaming and tackled us onto the bed we laughed and I heard Paul say.
“Alright you crazies, let’s go!” We got up and Harry grabbed my hand I looked at Paul and he winked and Lou came in very pregnant with her baby girl, she smiled at Harry and I holding hands, knowing he asked me. She hugged me and fixed my hat, she was like our mom on tour, I was her helper of course but she also gave us advice and made sure we were taken care of. Harry smiled and looked at her,
“How are you feeling, Lou?” He was so excited about Lou having a baby, he loved babies and wanted three kids in the future.

Lou smiled , “I’m excellent, Harry. Ready to have this baby,” she said resting her hand on her stomach, I could tell by the look on her face that she wasn’t feeling well at all. Paul cleared his throat telling  us it was time to go, we nodded and continued walking to the cars. Harry stopped before we exited the hotel and kissed me quickly I kissed him back and we parted with him saying “I love you” in American Sign Language, which I am fluent in, and I signed it back. Paul got in the car with the boys and I got in another car with Lou and some others for our safety and we headed to the arena with thousands of screaming people lining the street, I looked and couldn’t believe that these people came just to see the boys, it was crazy. We got there and Lou and I immediately got out and went inside people were touching my arms and hair just because I was associated with the boys. We went to the dressing room and set up the makeup and got things ready so the boys could come in and go out quickly. We finished and we went to the dressing room to make sure everything was in line for there while they warmed up their voices in the bathroom so they could hear themselves. They have beautiful voices. Incredible. I made Lou some tea with lemon and honey so she could relax, as she wasn’t feeling well, lying to Harry so he wouldn’t ask her to stay. She looked at me in a little pain, I tried to get her more comfortable and I got her some snacks and told her that I would take care of the boys, she protested, but I looked at her,

“Lou, you don’t feel well and I have put makeup on the boys before, it will be fine, I can do it. Stay here and rest then we will get you home, I will take care of them, I promise.” She nodded and looked at me and nodded quietly,

“Okay, Arabella, I trust you.” I smiled and kissed her cheek,

“Alright, I will mum.” She laughed as I used their British term and I walked back to the makeup room. The boys were getting dressed next door, so they were all in their boxers, they smiled and waved at me as I walked by and Harry blew me a kiss, I laughed and pretended to catch it then walked into the makeup room and waited for them. Paul looked at me as I walked in and smiled,

“Hey, baby girl, how’s the head? How’s Lou?” I looked at him and smiled,

“I’m perfectly fine, I just have a bruise, but that’s fine. Lou isn’t feeling well, Dad. She doesn’t look well... Maybe we should call Tom?” He looked at me a little worried.

“If she gets any worse, I will, but for now, let her rest. Do you think you can handle all of the boys?” I smiled,

“I’ve done it before, I can do it again, don’t worry so much, it’s just makeup after all.” He smiled,

“Okay, sweetheart, I will try not to. You be careful with, Harry.” I looked at him,

“You know me, I’m always careful. I’m not ready for that anyway, dad.” He nodded, and the boys started coming in, he kissed the top of my head and smiled,  “Have fun, be safe, I’ll be watching them if you need me, okay?” I nodded and he walked out. The boys took their seats and I went down the line starting with the moisturizer so it could soak in their skin and I did Zayn’s hair perfectly and then his makeup the concealer and a bit of powder then I put the invisible mascara on to keep his thick eyelashes out of his eyes while he played on his phone. No one seemed to ask about Lou and I didn’t wanna bring it up until someone noticed anything abnormal. He did everything I asked when I asked, used to having this done. I finished with him and moved to Liam. I put a little hairspray in his hair to keep it from frizzing then I did his makeup. Niall was next he kissed my forehead lightly and smiled. I kissed his cheek and fixed his hair and did his makeup. Louis was talking to Harry while I styled his hair and did his makeup, he would talk to Niall too, who was on Twitter. Then down to the last one, my Harry. He smiled as I sprayed his natural curls a little to keep them from getting frizzy under the hot lights on stage, I put his concealer on and then the the powder, he smiled as I did his invisible mascara and he kissed my cheek, I laughed and finished. He was perfection as usual. He pulled me onto his lap and put his cheek on mine then asked me to smile, I did and he took a picture of us, then he put it as his phone background. I looked up and saw Danielle walk in and kiss Liam, I smiled and waved at her she waved and smiled too , she was a good friend and I liked her. Harry looked at me,

“ Will you watch our show? I want you to see it.” I laughed,

“Hazza... I’ve seen your show, and I need to keep things in order back here.” He frowned,

“Okay... can you at least watch the last few songs?” I nodded,

“Yeah I can manage that.” He smiled and kissed my head,

“Good, I’m glad you can. Wanna know something?” He didn’t wait for me to answer when he said, “I love you very much.” Danielle looked at us and tilted her head,

“Are you two finally official?!”

I smiled and Harry burst out,  “ HELL YEAH!!!!!” They all laughed including me and he kept his arms around me tightly.

“Well, I’m glad you two are finally dating, it’s about time and you’re a perfect couple if I might add, don’t you agree?” All the boys nodded in agreement and then Paul came in and told them five minutes until stage time, I went to get up but Harry pulled me back and kissed me semi-roughly.

“Promise you will come see the last few songs?” I smiled,

“Yes, sugar, I promise I will see the last few songs.” he kissed me again and I kissed him back quickly. “I love you too, by the way, and good luck, you will be great.” He smiled and I wiped a little bit of lip gloss off his lips and stood up, he smiled and grabbed my hand, not wanting to leave me. He wrapped his arms around me as he stood up and he kissed my temple.

“I love you so much, Ara, so much...” Feeling his breath down my neck as he buried his face in my hair and closed his eyes. “You are so beautiful, and once again, you smell good, what is it?”

“‘Someday’ by Justin Bieber.” Niall looked up at the mention of the name and I smiled, he got up and immediately smelled me.

“Oh my gosh! You smell amazing!” I laughed awkwardly at two teenage boys smelling me, Louis joined in to be funny.

“Oh wow, you really do smell good,” he admitted honestly.

Paul walked in and looked at me weirdly, “Boys, come on, quit smelling Bella, it’s show time.” Harry kissed me one more time, a sweet and gentle peck, and then walked out laughing with the rest of the boys. I started cleaning up and went to check on Lou to see that she was sleeping, I felt her forehead, she was burning up. I looked at her worried and wet a hand towel I laid it across her forehead and stayed with her, worried about her. Then I picked up the boys clothes and folded each one’s putting them in the right pile knowing who wore what, then I made sure their water was ready and I brought it to Paul I smiled seeing them skip around happily as they sang “Gotta Be You.” They loved their jobs. I looked at Paul and told him about Lou’s fever, he frowned and I went back to watch Lou for a few minutes. Then I remembered my promise to Harry after a while and went to see them on stage, I walked in to the beginning of “One Thing.” Paul looked at me,

“Harry has been glancing over here checking if you were here.” I looked at Harry as he glanced over our way and smiled as he saw me, not missing a beat in the song, he looked at me every time it was his turn to sing and he sang to me, it was beautiful, then “Save You Tonight” came on and he sang to me again. When the song ended, he walked over to me and grabbed my hand pulling me on stage I gasped and looked at him shaking my head no. He laughed as he talked into the microphone,

“Guys, this is Arabella Channing, she does our hair and makeup with Lou. Isn’t she beautiful?” The crowd cheered and I laughed shaking my head, not accepting the huge compliment. He laughed and wrapped his arm around me, protectively.

“Girls, she doesn’t believe us, isn’t that a pity? But she doesn’t know... That’s what makes her beautiful...” The music came on and they began to sing “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” I blushed as the boys sang to me and the crowd. The crowd screamed, loving the song. Harry stayed right by me and made me sing along with them when it was the chorus, I laughed as I sang and danced around with him he smiled when the song ended.

“Doesn’t my girlfriend have a beautiful voice?” The crowd screamed crazier than when the song came on and I looked at him wide eyed not knowing what to do as the crowd went crazy. I heard my name being chanted “Arabella! Arabella! Arabella!” I smiled until I saw Paul quickly dart down the hallway towards Lou out of the corner of my eye.

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