Truly, Madly, Deeply.

What happens when you mix Harry Styles, Arabella Channing, and love? Truly, Madly, Deeply.


6. Chapter Six

The bus wasn’t bad, Harry, Niall, and I shared one, while Louis, Zayn, and Liam shared the other. Paul stayed on our bus, but would probably  switch back and forth, until Lou came back. I got the lower bunk, so did Harry, Niall would sleep above Harry and we put our clothes in the closet of the bedroom. I smiled seeing my bedsheets, they were purple, Harry’s were orange and Niall’s were green. I looked at Paul and smiled, he winked and checked on the other boys. They went with two busses so Lou could stay with us with the baby. She would get the bedroom of our bus. Paul would sleep above me insisting that I got the lower bunk, I gave in because he wouldn’t stop. I sat at the table and looked at twitter on my laptop, Harry sat next to me and was checking his twitter, Niall took a nap and Paul was talking to the driver. Harry looked at me as I answered some girls question about Harry and I being a legit couple he kissed my shoulder, grinning.

“My girl.”

“My boy.” He smiled and kissed my cheek.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Harr.” He kissed the corner of my mouth and I turned to kiss him quickly.

“Hey! No making out!” We smiled and looked at Paul.

“We weren’t making out! It was a peck! You’d know if we were making out, Paul,” Harry said.

Paul smiled, “Well take it easy you two.”

“We will, dad. Admit it, we’ve been pretty well behaved.”

He nodded, “You have,” and turned back to the driver shutting the curtain behind him.

“Well, from what he knows we’ve been good,” Harry whispered in my ear, kissing my temple.

“Hush, booger.” He laughed and I kissed his cheek, he smiled and we kissed again, but this time made out.

    We drove for about 6 hours and got to Vegas. We ate at some bar, I got chicken tenders and mac and cheese, Harry laughed, and took a bite of his burger.

    “You’re such a kid when you eat.” I shrugged.

    “It’s good and I’m eating, so hush and be happy.” I heard an echo of “ohhhhhhhh” and they looked at Harry.

    “Harry, I think you just got served,” Louis laughed. We all laughed and finished eating then we left and went to a radio interview. The boys wanted me to come, so I did. Paul and I watched from the corner then the woman looked over and smiled as she spoke on air,

    “Harry? Isn’t that Arabella?”

    He looked over and nodded, “Yeah, that’s my Arabella.”

    The woman smiled and looked at  me, “We would like to ask you some questions, do you mind?”

    I looked at Paul and he nodded, I smiled and they put a chair next to Harry and handed me a headset.

    “Now, Arabella, is it true that you and Harry Styles are dating?”

    I looked over at him and then at her, “Yes ma’am it’s true. Harry and I are dating.”

    She smiled and nodded, “That’s amazing, congrats to you both.”

    We smiled, and thanked her. “Now, Arabella, is it true that you got hurt the other day? Where did you get hurt? Can we see? What happened?”

    “Yes, I got hurt. We were walking out of the hotel to  the car on our way to see our friend Lou in the hospital, Harry had his arm around me and a girl grabbed my hair and dug her nails into my scalp and pulled a chunk of hair out.” I swiveled in the chair so they could see the bandage.

    She gasped, “That’s awful! Does it hurt?”

    “It did hurt,” I lied. “But I’m fine, a doctor fixed me up and gave me medicine, I’m fine.”

    “We’re glad to hear that. Is there anything you wanna say about this to the fans before we go on break?”

    “Sure. I just want to say that I love Harry and I’m not  gonna hurt him. I get the jealousy thing, but I would never in a million years hurt someone like I was hurt. I had to go to the hospital that’s not something I would want for anyone, and I’d hope that people wouldn’t want me to go to the hospital either.”

    She nodded and so did the boys and Paul, “We wouldn’t wish it for anyone either.”

    Harry chimed in, “No we wouldn’t. She’s an amazing person and she’s the sweetest thing. It drove me mad when we had to take her to a doctor. No one wants their loved ones hurt, so please don’t hurt my loved one.”

    She smiled and Harry grabbed my hand and kissed my hand.

    “Well aren’t you two so cute?! This is love guys. Now listen to ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ we’ll take some calls. Stay tuned.” She hit a button and did something on her computer and we smiled.

    “You did great, love. Great for a first timer,” Harry grinned.

    “Thank you, booger.”

    “You guys are so cute, you aren’t putting on a show or anything, this is real. How cute?!” We smiled as the host looked at us and put calls in order.

    Five minutes later, we were back on air and I had a question.


    “Yes, this is Arabella. Who’s this?”

    “I’m Shelby and I’m 6. Do you really love Harry? My mommy says it’s fake and it’s an act for publicity, but I wanna know if she’s right. Is she?”

    “Well Shelby, I really do love Harry. I’m not the type to fake a relationship for publicity or anything. I wouldn’t get hurt on purpose for publicity either. So the answer to your question is, yes, I really love Harry. He’s a great guy and an amazing boyfriend. He helped take care of me when I got a bump on my forehead and he helped me the other day. It’s the real deal.”

    Harry looked at me and squeezed my hand smiling while the other boys watched me and smiled. Harry kissed my forehead and the host said,

    “Awe he just kissed her head, it’s the real deal guys. These two are actually dating, they are adorable.  Harry Styles is officially off the market.”     We laughed  and the boys answered some questions. They sang “Gotta Be You” and then we left and went to the arena and I set up for the boys to get dressed and their makeup. I got their water and made sure they had everything they needed. My neck was hurting severely now but I didn’t want them to know. Paul looked at me while the boys warmed up,

    “Are you okay? You look like you’re in pain. Are you alright?”

    “Yeah I’m fine.”

    “Don’t lie to me, Bella. Are you in pain?”

    “Don’t tell Harry please? He won’t let me do my job if he knows and he won’t sing. Please don’t tell him, dad. Please don’t tell anyone.”

    He nodded, “Fine, but when we get on the bus, you’re taking that medicine, do you understand?”

    “Yes, I understand. I’ll take it when we get on the bus. Promise.”

    He kissed my head, “Good girl.”

    The boys started getting dressed and I went to the makeup while they filed in I got the moisturizer and I made sure it dried then I put their makeup on and did their hair, Harry watched me as I did his makeup and he put his hand on mine,

    “Are you in pain?”

    “No... I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

    “You look like you’re in pain, Ara.”

    “Nope, I’m fine, Harr.”

    “Promise it if you’re fine.” He caught me, knowing I wouldn’t make a promise I couldn’t keep or making a fake promise.

    “I’m fine.”

    “If you’re fine, then promise it. It shouldn’t be hard. Promise it.”

    “Five minutes until show time boys,” Paul said. “Arabella, are you finished? I need to talk to you.”

    “Yeah, I’m done.” I kissed Harry’s cheek and Harry looked at me knowing I was in pain, I went over to Paul. “You needed me?”

    “No I didn’t, I heard Harry giving you a hard time so I called you over here. Act like I’m telling you something about the show when they walk by.”

    They walked by and Harry stopped and hugged me, “I know you’re in pain,” he whispered. “I can tell. Don’t hide it from me, I wanna know these things. I love you, Airs, no matter what.” He kissed my forehead. “Please take some medicine, anything, I don’t care, I don’t want you hurting.”

    “Alright, go sing, good luck. I love you too, Harry.”

“I’ll take care of her, Hazza, I promise,” Paul said and put his hand on my shoulder and looked at Harry, nodding. “She will be okay, I have her.”

    They walked on stage and Paul looked at me, “Go lay down, please?”

    “Alright.” I knew there was no point in arguing, so I put the makeup away, folded the clothes and laid down on the couch.

    Paul brought me the medicine and nodded, “Take it.”

    “ I don’t want to, I’m not ready to sleep.”

    “Take it Arabella, don’t argue with me. It will make you feel better. Take them.”

    “Okay...” I took them with some pringles and I drank some water. I laid back and passed out.

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