Truly, Madly, Deeply.

What happens when you mix Harry Styles, Arabella Channing, and love? Truly, Madly, Deeply.


7. Chapter Seven

Chapter 7                    


*Harry’s POV*


    I loved performing, but I was so worried about Bella. She was hurting, Paul said he would take care of her. When the show finished and we did the encore with BTR, I went and looked for her, I got worried because I couldn’t find her. She wasn’t in the makeup room, she wasn’t in the dressing room, she wasn’t on the couch. I found Paul as he walked in from the busses,

    “She’s fine, mate. She took the pills and fell asleep, I just carried her to the bus.”

    I nodded and showered, changed and washed my face and grabbed some water, then I went to the bus. She was covered up in her purple blankets with her silver blanket on top of her and her bear in her arms. She was so cute and so peaceful. I knelt down and kissed her forehead moving some hair out of her face. She twitched and I smiled, so beautiful. I kissed her lips lightly,

    “Good night, love. I’ll see you in the morning.”

    I stayed up and tweeted a little with Niall, he looked at her sleeping and he smiled, “She’s so calm when she’s asleep.”

    I nodded, “Yeah I know, she’s gorgeous too. Well all the time, it’s just now is a peaceful gorgeous.”

    He nodded, “Yeah, agreed. Harry?”

    “Yeah, Nalls?”

    “Don’t hurt her, okay? I know you won’t but, don’t try it. This isn’t Caroline or anything, she’s pure and we all like her, she’s innocent and caring. I don’t wanna see her hurt. Please don’t hurt her. Okay?,” he looked at me honestly, and trying not to hurt me by what he said, I couldn’t be mad, he was trying to protect her. She’s like a sister to him, we’re a family and we protect each other.

    “I won’t hurt her, Niall. I love her. She’s no Caroline, she’s sweet and doesn’t constantly wanna be in the spotlight, she takes care of me and I take care of her. I love her so much, Niall. So much it’s not funny, I can’t hurt her, it would kill me. I’ve never felt like this before. Like I have so much respect for her. I respect her like my mother, I treat her how I would want my daughter to be treated, and I love her like a wife. I would marry her right now, and I could be happy for the rest of my life. She’s not the one in a million kind of girl, she’s the once in a lifetime type of woman. She’s the one, Niall. I can’t hurt her, I live for her...” I looked up at him and realized I was looking at her as she was sleeping, not at him. I turned to face him and he was smiling.

“Oh man, you have it bad. I’ve never heard you talk like that, you really love her. I’m glad. She needs someone like you. I’m glad you’re happy, mate.”

    Niall’s a good mate, he’s funny and caring, and he’s nice. He deserves someone to make him happy. Arabella moved a little and I looked over to make sure she was okay, she was laying on her side now, completely knocked out, so adorable. It was around 1 in the morning, I looked at Niall.

    “Bedtime?,” he nodded and yawned. I let him up and I got in my bed and looked at my girlfriend, sleeping quietly, in a deep sleep, pain free, very cared for, gorgeous, mine.

    I fell asleep thinking about, my Arabella. I woke up hearing Paul come in a bit later I looked at him and he checked on Bella and pulled her blankets up a little, I reached over and uncovered her feet, knowing she can’t sleep with her feet under the blankets, or it wasn’t comfortable. Similar to me sleeping naked, but I could manage it. Paul made me wear clothes to bed if I wanted to hang out with Ara, he was being protective. Little did he know... We’d made love already. I’m still not sure why I went through with it, or why she let me. I don’t regret it, I just don’t know what she was thinking. She was in grief I know, but what made her give up what she’d fought for, for so long. I didn’t even consider us having sex, we literally made love. I loved her and she loved me too. The funny thing is, I was fine with us not making love for a while. Of course I wanted to , but it wasn’t a huge urge. I respected her and loved her. She’s incredible. She’s different, and I loved it.




    I woke up to someone running their fingers through my hair slowly. It was Bella, she was smiling, I heard her say,

    “Good Morning, Sunshine. It’s a beautiful day today.” She touched my cheek and kissed my nose. “It’s like 11 in the morning, we just got to Phoenix. Wake up sleepy head.” I slid out of bed and on the floor so I could sit up properly she smiled and I rested my head in her lap, snuggling into her, no longer wanting to sit up. I smiled when I noticed she was wearing an orange dress, she rubbed my back lightly, she smelled so good, she was so warm. I realized I still had my comforter on me, I held it and made her lay down then I covered us head to toe in it and I attempted to kiss her face off, she shrieked in laughter as I tickled her and kissed her anywhere I could find skin. I stopped to let her breathe and I pulled the blanket off of us and wrapped it around me as I sat on the floor against the wall and pulled her on my lap wrapping my arms around her and kissing the side of her neck gently, seeing her bandage was getting dirty.

    “Hey, Paul?”

    “Yeah, Harry?”

    “Didn’t the doctor give you stuff to change Air’s bandage?”

    “Yeah, you know how to do it?”

    She smiled, “I know how to!”

    Paul and I laughed and I said, “That’s not much help if the injury is where you can’t see or reach... Tell me how to change it and I will.”

    “Alright,” she said and Paul brought the stuff.

    “First, gently take the bandage and peel the tape off carefully and slowly no matter how bad it hurts, slowly pull the bandage off.”

    I did and she bit her lip and winced a little, I blew on the wound letting cool air get on it and trying to make it feel better, she eased up.

    “Okay, now lightly dab the alcohol wipe on the wound, lightly though and don’t rub. It will make me bleed. Lightly dab like I do with the powder on your face.” I did so and she clenched her fists from the alcohol burning her, I blew on it again and let it dry.

    “Okay, now,put the anti-bacterial cream on it, then the gauze  and then tape it like you saw before on all four sides .” Paul did the cream  and handed the new bandage to me. “Alright, now make sure the wound is under the gauze and tape it when it’s directly under the gauze.” I did and made sure the tape would stick, it was perfect, just like the doctor’s. She smiled and I wrapped my arms around her again, Paul looked at us and smiled, I knew he was missing Clodagh badly. Their wedding was a month away, he was so excited. We would stop touring for a month while he went on his honeymoon and then we would fly back and continue touring. Ara was coming home with me to see my family. Then I had a surprise for her and show her my flat my mom was designing with my sister, she would ask me stuff and I would secretly ask Bella what she thought of the idea. I told her my mum was remodeling our house so she wouldn’t think of anything different. When we came to London, we would have a place to stay of our own. It was my little place, a place I owned.

    “I’m gonna go get her medicine, be back in an hour or so. Want anything?”

    “Nope thanks, dad.”

    “No sir, just the medicine, dad,” he smiled when we said dad.

    Paul got off the bus, shutting the door behind him and locking it from the outside so we were safe. Niall I guess was with the others, that was okay. I kissed her neck again and smiled. She smiled and pulled me up, to my feet my hands slid from hers to her hips and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I hadn’t held her like this in a while.  We were so close and I kissed her gently and rubbed her back in circles slowly, she kissed me back sweetly and softly like normal, then I slid my tongue into her mouth and everything began getting intense. I sat on the couch and pulled her onto my lap, she straddled my lap and I rubbed her bum lightly and felt myself getting turned on. I went to stop and pull away, but she looked at me  and whispered,     

    “Don’t stop, Harry.”

    I stood up and grabbed something, then sat back down she looked at me and I opened it, and patted my lap, she straddled my lap and I slid my shorts off and I slid a condom on,

    “I want babies, but I don’t want them now.” She nodded in agreement and we made sweet, passionate love. We enjoyed every second we could.

    “That was...”


    “My words exactly...”

    I looked at her and kissed her neck.

    “Come on, love. Let’s get cleaned up, okay?”

    We cleaned up and sat back down, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her lovingly , pulling us apart, I rested my forehead against hers and kissed her nose, closing my eyes.

    “I love you, Arabella Caroline Channing.”

    “I love you, Harold Edward Styles.”

    I smiled, wishing we could stay in this moment, forever. She kissed my cheek and looked at me.

    “Let’s get you something to eat, baby. You need to eat.” I smiled and kissed her cheek.

    “Did you eat?”

    “Yeah, Paul got me fruit salad. When we stopped for gas. He got you a sandwich and potatoes.”

    She got me the food, from the icebox and heated it in the microwave for me, and some juice. She put it in front of me and got a fork and sat down next to me., making sure I was gonna eat.  She picked up her book and a pen and started writing. I smiled while she wrote, not reading her stuff. Remembering when we first met.




    She was sitting at the table, writing, we’d never met, but I felt as if we had. She was gorgeous. Dirty blonde almost light brown hair, with curls, and natural, bright, brown eyes. A shy smile at first but when you get to know her, she was funny and smart. Very smart. She looked up at us as we walked to her, Lou was sitting next to her, on her phone.This girl was so, so mysterious, hard to unravel. I wanted to know all about her. I went to look at what she was writing, not thinking about privacy, just wanting to know more about her, she looked at me and shut her book quickly, so I couldn’t read it. I looked at her and said,

    “Hello, I’m Harry Styles. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

    “Hi, I’m Arabella Channing, the pleasure is mine,” She said with a slight, polite smile.


*End Flashback*


    I have no idea what she wrote, and I didn’t wanna read it. It was her work and not my business. She just liked to write, so she did. I wasn’t gonna stop her. I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her head when I finished eating. She looked lovely in her orange dress. It had thin spaghetti straps and ruffles on the breast, it was mid thigh. She looked up at me and smiled with her hair down, I moved some out of her face and kissed her lips gently, I felt her kiss me back, gently, the perfect match for me. She was witty and beautiful and smart and caring and perfect and mine and I loved her.

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