Truly, Madly, Deeply.

What happens when you mix Harry Styles, Arabella Channing, and love? Truly, Madly, Deeply.


9. Chapter Nine

Chapter 9


It was around 9 in the morning and Arabella had gotten back to sleep after her awful usual routine. Get up around 7 or 8 in the morning,  run to the bathroom, throw up for 20 minutes and go back to bed, she’d been asleep for about an hour. I was used to it by now, Lou came back to the tour two weeks later, she was able to help Bella a lot. Lou knew a lot. She had Ara eating certain things like Jello and drinking ginger ale. She talked about things with Arabella, like how this would feel and what she needed to do. Lou told me things about being a dad, like how to hold a baby and how to make sure Bella was comfortable, to treat her no different than I already did, unless I had to. It was gonna be hard, but I wanted this, and I knew I had to do this for Arabella. I had to be strong for her and I had to be there for her. She was almost 18 and going to have a baby, I was 17 and going to be a dad. Bella was over her fear now, she knew she wasn’t gonna be alone, she was still worried about when the public found out, we all were. I saw her move a little and I looked over, she was facing me, with some hair in her face, she was so cute. I got up, went to the bathroom on our tour bus, washed my hands, and moved the hair out of her face, kneeling down to pick up her bear, I kissed her forehead, she opened her eyes a little and moved over for me smiling. I got into her bed and she helped cover me up with her purple comforter and silver blanket I put her bear on the other side of her, she put her head on my chest and closed her eyes, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her head. She knew she was safe, and she knew she was loved, no one was going anywhere. I guess I fell asleep, because I woke up to her looking at me and smiling.

“Good morning, sunshine.”

I smiled sleepily and kissed her forehead, “Good morning, love.” She grinned and slid her hand against mine and we compared hand sizes, she looked at me and kissed my cheek, I folded my fingers down between hers, noticing a perfect match when we intertwined our fingers. “A perfect match with my, Arabella.”

“A perfect match with my, Harry,” she mimicked me, grinning.

“How are you feeling, baby?”

“I’m feeling perfect, right now. I have my boyfriend, he loves me, we have a little nudger growing, that wasn’t planned but it’s fine because it will be loved just the same, and I’m happy. I’ve got this big family, I don’t think you’ve ever met them, but their names are Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Paul, Lou, Clodagh, Tom, nudger, and Harry.” She looked at me so cutely and playfully.

“No, I don’t think I’ve ever met them before, they kinda sound like duds, this Harry, bloke sounds interesting, can you tell me about him?”

“You wanna hear about, Harry?”

I nodded.

“Okay, well he’s funny, he sings like an angel, he has gorgeous hair, he’s a good friend, an excellent boyfriend, he’s gonna be a good dad, and he’s my boyfriend, and I love him.”

Instantaneously, my lips met hers when she finished talking. Kissing her was amazing, there wasn’t certain things we did, it was just us touching that made it so breathtaking. My god, was she perfect, and she was carrying my baby. Lou told me that I had to make sure to talk only about her sometimes, not just the baby, she said people would only talk about the baby and it was annoying because it was like she wasn’t even there. I understood that, I mean if someone were only talking to my stomach, I’d get annoyed too. Realizing I was just laying there staring at her, she was smiling with her head on the pillow, her hair messy, still holding my hand.


“Harold?” She smiled playing around as I rolled over on my side.

“I love you too. More than anything in this world. I love you so much, baby.”

“Wanna know something?” I nodded. “I know you do. I can feel it. When I’m with you, I’m warm and safe, and loved. I can feel your love, Harr. In here,” She put my hand over her heart and looked at me while I felt it beat. “And in here,” She moved her shirt up a little and put my hand on her small belly looking at me.  “I’ve got part of you growing inside me, bubby. I feel your love, all the time, and I love it.” I reached up with my free hand and lightly grabbed her chin,  pulling her face towards my, I kissed her utterly speechless, her lips were sweet and perfect for mine, feeling her kiss me back. Pulling away slowly, I looked at her and lightly licked her lips, tasting sweetness, she smiled and I pecked her lips.

“I love you, Arabella Caroline Channing, with all my heart. Someday, I’m gonna marry you, I promise you that. I also love the little nudger of ours we created with all my heart.”She looked at me and smiled as I ran my hand over her stomach slowly. Lou opened her door, just waking up and she looked at us in the little cubby bed and laughed,

“Did you get cold?”

“No, I just wanted to lay in bed with her. You ever wanna do that with Tom?”

“Yeah, actually all the time... What you’re doing right now, Harry, rubbing her stomach,  you won’t believe how much you would miss that, Air. It’s the little things I miss, like the good night kisses and him running his fingers through my hair, cuddling in bed, it’s the little things I miss.”

“Is that all you miss, Lou?” I asked smiling.

“No, as a matter of fact, I miss the sex too.” We laughed, “What? You’ve obviously done it, the both of you. Don’t tell me you don’t like, or you don’t want it, because everyone does.”

“It’s good, really good...” I admitted.

“It’s great, actually. Really excellent.” I went to look up at Lou, but it wasn’t her voice, I looked over at Bella and she was smiling a little, shyly.

“Well, obviously, you are good in bed, if she says so, Harry,” Lou laughed, playing around.

“Am I, good?” I asked her. She smiled and nodded shyly.

“You’re not good, you’re great.”

“Well thanks, love. I’m glad you approve.” I kissed her head and she cuddled into me. “You know it’s almost time to take our break until later, right?” She nodded and I looked at her, “I want you to come home with me. Do you want to? I don’t want you going home.” She was abused and got emancipated when she was 16, that’s when Lou picked her up and cared for her. She has money now, but hasn’t bought a house, yet. I wanted her to live with me. “You are coming with me, Bells, aren’t you? I’ll take care of you, so will mum.” She looked at me, thinking,

“Okay, Harry. I’ll come with you. I can take care of myself, you know right?”

“Yes, but I want to care for you, and I want you to stay in the U.K. with us.”

“Alright, I’ll come with you, bubby.”

“Okay, love. I’m glad you’re coming with me.”

“Me too, Harry.” She was cuddling into me closing her eyes.

“Don’t fall asleep, again, eat something first.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Come on, for me.”

“Okay...” I got up to get her something and she crawled out of bed stretching, she kissed my cheek, “Get back in bed, I can get it myself.”

“Nope, I wanna do it, what do you want?”

“Surprise me.” She opened the door from the beds to the living area and smiled at Niall, “Good Morning, Ni. How are you?” I started making her tea in the microwave.

“I’m fine, Ara. How are you?”

“I’m good, what’s up?”

“Just looking on twitter, just finished skyping with the family, you know.”

“How are they?”

“They’re good, they miss me.”

“Well, they're gonna see you in a few weeks, it will be okay.”

“Yeah I know, Where are you going when we take the holiday?”

“She’s coming with me,” I answered.

“Really?! You will be in the U.K.?! That’s awesome! We won’t really be split up!”

She smiled and sat on the floor, “Yeah, it’s gonna be great.” This girl, could literally pass out and be perfectly comfortable on the floor. She loved it, just give her a pillow and a blanket and she was out.  I brought her tea in a travel mug, and some rice cakes. She loved them, I did too. She ate some and drank the tea, then laid on the floor and passed out as we traveled.

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