Truly, Madly, Deeply.

What happens when you mix Harry Styles, Arabella Channing, and love? Truly, Madly, Deeply.


5. Chapter Five


I woke up to Harry kissing my neck lightly and saying,

“Wake up, my love. I wanna see those beautiful brown eyes. Come on, baby, open your eyes.” Instantly a smile popped up on my face, he laughed and I looked at him he smiled and looked into my eyes, “Mmmm, those caramel brown eyes.” I laughed while he smiled and kissed my throat gently. “It’s like 7:30, Paul said I should wake you to make sure you were okay and I really want you awake. By the way, you were awake at like 1 last night, your tweet was so cute.”

“Your tweet was so sweet and caring. I melted a little.” He smiled and kissed me gently, I kissed him back running my tongue over his teeth - he loved when I did that- and I felt him smile against my lips -I loved that. Lightly biting his lip teasing him like he loves, he was going crazy. He looked at me biting his lip, I looked at him and touched his cheek. “My Harry.” He smiled as I ran my fingers through his hair.

“My Arabella.” He inhaled holding back knowing we couldn’t do anything, and half exhaled, half sighed as he laid down next to me and asked,

“Do you ever think about the future?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Because I wanna marry you, and have babies with you. I wanna live in a house with you, raise our kids, get old, have grandchildren, tell them stories. I want you forever, Arabella.” I touched his cheek and he rested his hand on my stomach and rubbed my tummy lightly. “I want my babies to grow in here, and in here only.” He smiled and kissed my stomach. “I also wanna be the only person you ever make love with, forever and always.”

I looked at him smiling, not planning on sleeping with anyone else, but him, I’m loyal and faithful.

“Harry... I love you...a lot... I want all of that stuff too. But my goodness, do I love you.”

“And I love you, Arabella, with all my heart and soul. I’m here no matter what, I promise through thick and thin, I will be with you.” I looked at him speechless and he smiled cheekily, “I bet you would look great in one of my shirts and a pair of my shorts.” I shrugged and kissed his cheek.

“I don’t know, maybe.”

I got up and changed clothes putting shorts on and a white lace top with an undershirt on, I did my hair as best as I could settling on a hair band and my makeup. I walked out and he looked at me and grinned as he whistled, I laughed and he laughed too, “Harry Styles, you are a dork.”

He nodded, “But I’m your dork. Paul said to take your medicine, by the way.” I frowned and looked at him, getting my lemonade and fruit out to eat he looked at me, “What’s wrong, Airs?”

“The pills make me sleepy, that’s why I slept for so long yesterday and last night. I don’t wanna take them, I don’t wanna sleep.” He looked at me thinking as I sat in a chair.

“Well, we will tell Paul. Maybe he can get something else for you, you need the pills for sure, they help the pain, I can tell.” He got up and went to get Paul, I sat in the chair and started eating my fruit, taking sips of my lemonade. Harry came back with Paul and they looked at me, Paul smiled at me.

“Good Morning, honey. Are you feeling the pain?”

“Good morning, I’m okay, not the most comfortable, but I don’t wanna take the pills. They make me sleepy, how am I supposed to help the boys when I’m asleep?” He looked at me nodding.

“You’re right, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll ask the doctor what we should do for the mean time, alright, pumpkin?”

“Okay, thanks, dad.” He smiled and kissed my forehead.

“Yeah, thanks, dad,” Harry said grateful.

“Harry, will you stay with her while I call?”

“I wouldn’t dream of leaving her side, ever.” He squeezed my hand and I smiled and fed him a piece of apple. He stole some lemonade and kissed my cheek when Paul left the room.  He leaned over me and kissed me, I kissed him back and he slid his tongue in my mouth and wrapped his tongue around mine; we made out until we heard the key slide in the door, then we pulled apart. He picked up my  phone and sat it next to me using this as an excuse not to look guilty, I looked at it and he unlocked it and changed the picture to one of us smiling together. Paul looked at us.

“Airs, good news is we can get a day prescription, bad news is we won’t have it for a day or two because we’re leaving today. So he said not to take the medicine until you’re ready to sleep, but don’t take it if you are not gonna be  ready to sleep. No other pain killers because they may make some reaction that will be awful. So no taking medicine until you’re ready to sleep, okay?”

“Alright, I can do that. Thank you very much.”

He nodded, “No worries, child, anytime.” Then he walked out to check on the other boys, Harry kissed me quickly in case he came back, and grabbed my hand kissing it lightly.

“Oh and by the way, I want a pussycat and a dog too, I know you are more partial to a dog, and they are fun.” I laughed and he smiled, “I love you Miss Channing.”

I shot him a glare, “That makes me sound old, Mr. Styles.”

He cringed, “Good point, point taken babe.” I smiled and kissed his cheek.

“I love you too, Harry. So much.” He smiled and looked at me still holding my hand, his eyes locked on mine, not saying a word, but talking with his eyes. I got lost in his eyes, apparently he got lost in mine, because Liam walked in and had to clear his throat, we looked at him.

“Good Morning, love birds. We are leaving today, so make sure you have everything, alright?” I smiled and laughed a little bit at his seriousness.

“Alright, other half of the other lovebirds. How’s Danielle?”

“Oh she’s great. She’s dancing for the new group LMFAO and having a blast at it, she just met them today, and texted me how awesome they are. How are you feeling, Arabella?”

“That’s great! I’m glad she’s having fun. I’m fine for the moment, not really much pain, but I’m good thanks for asking.

“Me too. Well, I’ll be off - get packed you two, I hope you feel better, Arabella.”

Harry smiled and said , “Okay Daddy Directioner.” Liam left and Harry kissed my cheek and slid his hands in my back pockets. “I love you, boogey.”

“I love you too, weirdo.” He smiled and kissed my forehead.

“Let’s get packed, love. Do me a favor? Put your hair in a messy bun, it’s attractive.”

“Alright, sunshine. I will.” I went to the bathroom and fixed my hair for him, bobby pinning a braid to make it look more official, he came in and looked at me.

“Mmmm, so beautiful.” He kissed my shoulder and rubbed my sides.

“Thank you,” I giggled.

“Don’t thank me, I’m supposed to state the obvious. Now let’s get packed.”

I folded my clothes and he watched me smiling when he saw his clothes hidden in my suitcase. He made sure everything was in stacks so I could zip the cases, then pushed on the lid while I zipped. He rolled the heavier one by the door and I got the smaller one putting it next to the other one. I got the makeup together and the accessories making sure I put my blanket and bear in a bag, then put them by the cases. I got my purse and looked around not leaving anything. He nodded and we went to help the other boys.

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