Allison life

A girl discoveries her talent in the age 16. Allison her name. She will end up to be a part of the help in the famous band 1D. What might happen there? Is she in love in the first sight? Could her life gets better or worse by then?


1. My new work

In the 2nd year festival, I was the one to sing there. Iam so nervous, and I couldn't relax."chill down, u are gonna do well." Said my friend, Jenny. "Thank you, but it is hard." I said. My body was shivering, and I almost cried.

Days past, practicing,working hard, and doing my best, till today. No is my chance,I thought. I slept on the stage, and reliaze that there are the whole school here, tv reporters, newspaper, iam just so worried. I just start to sing softly and nice..iam not sure if it is really my voice, but it is, my voice is awesome! I started to sing, dance and interact. Everyone were happy, they danced and tried to copy my actions.

I couldn't breathe for awhile after the festival end. Then a tv reporter comes to me and ask me," are u a celebrity?" I laughed, and said, "no." He smiled and told me something, that I myself couldn't believe. Is it true?
He tells me that iam gonna work with 1D! It is a dream, it gotta be a dream....
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