Over Again

Jacky is in love with One Direction, especially her leprachuan Niall<3 Her friend Jazmin goes to X-Factor and gets to the finally, And her friend Jazmin knows how much it would mean to Jacky to meet Niall. Jazmin invites Jacky to the finally, after the show Jazmin introduces Jacky to Niall and they both fall for eachother. They were meant for eachother. Even though they were perfect Nialls bad drinking habbits and Jacky's age interfear. Can they keep their love even though their differences? Or will media and the law pull them apart? Read to find out!


1. X-Factor Finally

Jazmin's P.O.V

I was really nervous I had gotten very far in the X-Factor U.S.A and I wasn't going to give up now. Today was the finally and I was really excited and nervous! I was only 13 going on 14 and for my age I think I had a very sweet voice. I was a really big fan of One Direction! And today they were coming to the finally. I had in a idea in mind for my best-friend, Jacky, birthday which was 2 days ago and I couldn't celebrate with her because I wasn't allowed to leave Demi's house, she was my mentor.

"Jazmin!" I heard behind me as I was walking into my room (my room in Demi's house). I turned around and it was Jacky running towards me her arms open for a hug, her hair curled bouncing in the air. I ran towards her too and gave her a big friend hug. "OMG! I missed you so much!" she said almost sobbing all over me. "Me too! I could never be ok without my best-friend with me!" I said patting her on her back.

"OMG! So are you excited for tonight? One Direction is going to be here!" she said screeching letting go of me. My head was aching now. "Well I have a surprise for you but I'll tel you later on. Ok but for now let me give you a tour of the house."

We headed off, showing her every think crack of the house, even though Jacky didn't like Demi because of the Niall and Demi dating rumor.

while i was showing her the room I was thinking how I was going to sneak her back stage and introduce her to Niall  because Simon was very protective over his boys. But then it hit me an idea that I was sure not to mess up and was sure to work!



Ok so this is my first story and its really late I know this first part is boring but it will get good soon! OK just hold on tight!

This story will be updated everyday ok! :)



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