Over Again

Jacky is in love with One Direction, especially her leprachuan Niall<3 Her friend Jazmin goes to X-Factor and gets to the finally, And her friend Jazmin knows how much it would mean to Jacky to meet Niall. Jazmin invites Jacky to the finally, after the show Jazmin introduces Jacky to Niall and they both fall for eachother. They were meant for eachother. Even though they were perfect Nialls bad drinking habbits and Jacky's age interfear. Can they keep their love even though their differences? Or will media and the law pull them apart? Read to find out!


3. The Big Night!

Authors note: So idk what happened but my computer says its the third chapter idk if thats what you guys see but if you do then idk this is weird. Anyways so im so sorry i didnt update yesterday but i was REALLY sick so i didnt want to update but just to make it up to you guys im try to make this chapter juicy! And maybe IDK 2 chapters in one day? For Niall anything!


                                                                                               Jackys P.O.V

Ahh, today I was so excited! I was going to see One Direction! Well I wasnt going to meet them but at least see them like if I was at one of their concerts! Jazmin told me to dress nice, maybe a dress or something but she told me to dress like I was going on a date with someone of my dreams. I saw her being kind of thinkitive and suspecious but I didnt question her, maybe she was just nervous for the finally. 

I went to my closet and scanned all the cloths I had, the X-Factor was in another 6 hours I still had time, after all it was just 1 in the afternoon. I had an idea. I would just go to the mall and pick out something cute, not too casual or party girl just something right. I got my phone and called Jazmins mom, since I didnt have a bus pass or knew L.A that well. She picked up after 5 rings 

"Hello?" she said right away, sounded like she was somewhere crowded.

"Hi its me Jacky"

"Oh hi jacky! What do you need honey?"

"Well I was wondering if you could take me to any mall near here, Jazmin told

me to wear something cute for tonight, but I didnt bring anything

cute." I said looking down at my black converse.


"Oh honey no need for that! Jazmin told me and she had already bought you something

online. And let me tell you its gorgeous! If any boy saw you

in this they would be drooling all over you hun! Well just get confy watching TV or

whatever you want and later on do your hair and make-up Jazmin told me 

to make sure you look EXTRA beautiful!"


"Why do you think so??"


"I really dont know hun! BUt i need to go pay now

ill call you when Im outside the hotel door ok! biie"


She hung up and I just put my cell phone down on  the bed next to me and sat down. Why would she want me to look "Extra" beautiful? Where we going to a party after the finally? Or was it just for the occasion? 

I had many questions and none of them were going to get answered soon, I just decided to take a quick nap. And I fell into a peaceful sleep, slowly drifting off.........................................................




*3 hours later* 


"Jacky!" I was being shaked around for the past 3 minutes and being called my name and poken on the cheek over 50 times now. I opened my eyes slowly to see Jazmins mom sitting in front of me. I sat up rubbing my eyes.

"Whats up?" I said still sleepily

"Well its cuz I came home like 30 minutes after you called, and

its already 5:23 pm and I imagines it was going to take you quite some time to do your hair

and also do your make-up so that....."

I cut her off getting up and running  to my bags. I opened the smallest bag which contained all my make-up and hair products. I got my make-up bag and my curling iron and my hair spray I lay everything on the counter and plugged in the curling iron and turned it on. I ran to my closet deciding on what to wear but then I remembered that Jazmin had picked out something for me and that Jazmins mom was sent to get it.

I ran back to her i dint even have to say a word she got off of the bed and when to her side of the room, she came back with a white plastic bag with a hanger, I guess preventing from it getting wrinkled.

I grabbed it gave her a hug and ran to the bathroom. I got in and locked the door behind me, I put the hanger on the shower curtain bar and opened it slowly, trying to make it dramatic.

I couldnt believe my eyes! it was the most beautiful dress I have ever seen! It was not too casual or partyish it was just perfect, but why would she want me to look nice today?? either way I wasnt going to deny wearing this dress!

it had a black heart shaped top that went down to your waist, and after that it was flowy in a salmon pink color down to about your knee.


I slipped into the dress, I loved it! It complimented my curves. I got out of the bathroom to see Jazmins mom standing right at the bathroom door, i guess she was waiting to see me in the dress.

"Oh my god! Jacky you look amazing!"

"Thank you" I said, feeling my cheeks hot I was pretty sure that I was blushing.

"Well oh my!" she said throwing her arms in the air dramatically , "With those rosy cheeks you wont need blush! Come on go do your hair and make-up!" she said pushing me to the counter where I had all my things laid out.

I curled my hair and did my make-up. I only added mascara and eyeliner, I wasnt allowed to use make-up because my parents didnt let me but they werent here so  whatever. I grabbed my wedges (black) and got my clutch.

Me and Jazmins mom got in the car and headed out to the X-Factor.

ONce we got there we were allowed 10 minutes with Jazmin. At first she gave me weird look, I guess she didnt know who I was cuz when we got closer to her, her jaw dropped open and ran towards us. She gave her mom a tight hug and the looked at me her jaw dropped again. 

"What?!?!" I said looking at her weird.

"Well yo are a very beautiful girl but wow today you just broke the 'Hotness' scale!"


"No I didnt! you did! Look at you! You look so much older! But what was my surprise?"


"Why you will have to wait for that! Just go to your seats and you'll see after the One Direction performance and the end of the show I'll show you ok! NOw go on shoo" she said scooting me and her mom away.


We took our seats and watched the whole show it was amazing! Unfortunately Jazmin came in 3rd but that was good right? Considering that she went further than many others and that she was only 14, yes she was bigger than me.

After the show we went backstage to congratulate her and give her our roses/flowers we had bought her. We hanged out with the other contestants and talked a bit. But after about 30 mins Jazmin pulled me aside and told me that she had my surprise and to close my eyes.

She put her hands over my eyes and took me to some place I had no idea where but I was scared because Jazmin would always play pranks on me and with us being apart for a really long time she was probably dieing to prank me. She stoped and she took her hands off of my eyes. When I opened my eyes I couldn't believe it there were my 5 idols in front of me in a line and smiling from ear to ear, except Zayn which had a very pose-like smile. 

I was standing still, heat rose up to my cheeks. I just managed to say "OMG hi"

"Ello love!" said Louis walking towards me to give me a hug arms wide out. I hugged him back closing my eyes and I couldnt believe it was I dreaming?? I didn't think so. I opened my eyes letting go of him seeing Niall my favorite out of all 5 looking straight at me I couldn't believe it! He had a very big smile on his face and was blushing too.

Then it all got awkwardly quiet. All the boys looked at me and Niall just staring at each other blushing. I felt weird but I couldnt remove my eyes off of his dream blue ocean like eyes. I was barely even breathing, I was drowning in his dreamy eyes, literally I couldn't breath.

"Umm Im Harry, and he is Zayn, and he is Liam, and he is Louis,

and Niall which im pretty sure you already noticed him" he said giggling.

I turned around and walked to hug the rest of them and when I got to hug to Niall he said

"Hello lovely im Niall, and I thinking you look beautiful!" he said with a very big smile on his face. He then stepped up to me and pulled me into a hug. I closed my eyes and inhaled his cologne, which smelled very good. We separated out of our hug and saw the  rest the boy mimicking me and Niall. 

Niall looked at me and started to giggle, he had the most adorable giggle ever<3

Then Zayn said "Well we heard that your birthday was 2 days ago so your

friend Jazmin told us that it would mean the world to you if you meet us"

he said with a sweet smile on.

"So then we decided to do a favor to our nice friend. Jazmin told us that you liked Niall

most and we obviously see that. So we decided to do more than just a meet and greet" Liam said

smiling cheekily.

"So tomorrow we are pasing by your hotel and going to go pick you up for a day

out with One Direction to anywhere you want!" Niall said smiling big and making

keen eye contact.

My mouth dropped and I put my hand over my mouth. "Omg! You guys would really do this for me??"

"Of course! Anything for your friend Jazmin and her lovely Nialler girl directioner friend which is now our friend too!" Louis said looking at me and then elbowing Niall which made him blush and smile, looking down at his shoes.

"So what do you say Jacky? Do you accept" Harry said smiling big his dimples showed.

"OMG! Of course! This is once in a life time! And this is the best present ever!" I said looking at Jazmin who was smiling.

I then pulled into a hugged and whispered 'Omg thank you so much!'

I pulled away from the hugg and asked the boys "So how did you guys and Jazmin meet?"

They all started laughing.

"Why are you guys laughing?"

"Its a long story we will tell you tomorow!" Louis said still laughing.

"Ok so we should probably go now, and get some good night sleep tomorow will

be hopefully the best day of your life!" Liam said pulling me into a hugg.

I hugged all the boys and said our goodbyes and I left with Jazmin back to our hotel.

I hugged Jazmin when we got our hotel and told her she was the best friend anyone could ever ask for and told her that I owed her big time.

She said that it was nothing and it was time to go to sleep because tomorrow was going to be a very long a special day.


I slipped into my PJ's and went to sleep with a very big smile on my face, I didn't fall asleep right away because I was thinking how me and Niall were making eye contact for like a straight 2 minutes. After about a hour I fell asleep in a peaceful long sleep..........




Authors Note


so like I said im sorry I didnt update yesterday but I was really sick and dint feel like typing sorry :(

So i tried to make this chapter long and etailed to make it up for you guys. If your wondering what the dress looks like, it looks like this: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=cute+dresses+for+juniors&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42261806,d.b2I&biw=1092&bih=533&pdl=300&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=HRsbUYPNA9SpqQGZoIDoDg#imgrc=M4mzRmZK5dECVM%3A%3B7LEW1XsiL7Ov9M%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fcdn-s3-0.wanelo.com%252Fproduct%252Fimage%252F3125121%252Foriginal.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwanelo.com%252Fp%252F3125121%252Fcute-party-dresses-for-juniors-night-evening-dresses-lulus-com-page-2%3B294%3B441


if the link doesnt work im sorry :( But yeah I know in the beggining I said that Jazmin had a plan for Jacky to meet 1D and that plan will be revealed in the next chapter! And sorry if I take too long getting to the main point! But this is my first story so its not going to be the best. 

Hopefully so far you guys like it! Stay tuned for the next chapter! 


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