Over Again

Jacky is in love with One Direction, especially her leprachuan Niall<3 Her friend Jazmin goes to X-Factor and gets to the finally, And her friend Jazmin knows how much it would mean to Jacky to meet Niall. Jazmin invites Jacky to the finally, after the show Jazmin introduces Jacky to Niall and they both fall for eachother. They were meant for eachother. Even though they were perfect Nialls bad drinking habbits and Jacky's age interfear. Can they keep their love even though their differences? Or will media and the law pull them apart? Read to find out!


2. It all changes tonight

Jacky's P.O.V

I was getting ready in my hotel room, I had came with Jazmin's mom because I was too young to come alone, and I understood because I had barely turned 13 two days ago. And coming alone to a big city of L.A I know where my parents got all worried about.

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