Instant Valentine

Niall met her on the beach by chance one day and proclaimed her his soul-mate.

This is my entry for the 1D Valentine's Day competition. It does jump back and forth between time. Please like, Favourite and comment on this Movella! Xx


1. Instant Valentine

*Niall's P.O.V*

I still remember the first time that I laid eyes on her, she was wearing a flowing green strapless dress that caught in the rays of the glowing sunset perfectly. It was as if I was dreaming; dreaming of an Angel that couldn't exist here on Earth.
It was there, on that very day I swore not to love another. She is and always will be the one for me.Tonight is the night that I tell that to her and the rest of the world for today is Valentine's day. The day of love and I want to make it the most memorable of all.

* P.O.V*

He wrapped his arm around my waist in greeting, kissing my forehead ever so lightly. Knowing Niall, this Valentine's Day is going to be bigger than any other but I still don't know what to expect .
He lead me to a limo taking care to open the door and close it behind me.
"Where are we off too?" I asked. I couldn't hold my anticipation.
"You'll see." Niall smiled and caressed the back of my hand with his thumb.

It wasn't long before we arrived at our destination. Wait this isn't? Niall watched as my eyes filled with excitement and passion. Niall was taking me back to the very place we met only three years ago.

He was sitting in the sand with his hair slightly ruffled strumming quietly on his guitar. I was sure he wasn't really there. Just a figment of my imagination bringing my posters to life in front of me.
I felt a little awkward staring at him so I continued walking along the water, glancing back ever so often at him. It was on one of these glances that our eyes connected and I saw the love behind his stare. It was then that I knew we had something special that maybe one out of a million people had.

"Remember this place?" He was guiding me down to the water were a small table was sitting, set for two.
"Of course" I replied, by now my smile was plastered onto my face.
We sat enjoying the meal, talking about the early days of our relationship.

"You know, since that day on the beach when our eyes first connected I've only ever thought about you. You truly are my soul-mate" He took my hand and lead me to the water.
"Please allow me to love you like nobody else, allow me to be there for you and cherish you forever. Please be my magnificent and dazzling Mrs.Horan"

It was here, on Valentine's day one year later , on the very same beach we met that I became Mrs.Horan.
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