Angel is living with vampires,and has been all her life . One Direction end up speaking at her school , what will she do when the boys tell her .well read to find out what happens to this crazy girl.sorry changed it becuse of terrible writers block.


6. Trouble At Home


Hope, my little sister wasn’t doing any better at home. If anything she was doing worse. I called up one of my only friends. Shay would be here soon. When he got here I cried into his arms.  He suggested we do something other than worry about her; we ended up going to the mall. When we got there Shay threw me on his shoulders and ran through the mall. I couldn’t stop laughing. I was happy until we ran into Rebecca the head cheerleader at our school. She was tall, blonde and skinny, not to mention tan. Shay and I hate her.

“Watch where you’re going losers.” She said as she turned around to see Shay and I on the ground. “Look at them if it’s not loser and Gay boy.” I get off the ground and help Shay up.

“Wow if it’s not dumb and dumber.” I say referring to Rebecca’s snotty older sister, Terri. Rebecca was angry and I could tell, so Shay and I grabbed our stuff and walked away before someone needed to go to the hospital.

We shopped for what seemed like forever. We stopped in front of a thrift shop and smiled. We loved going in and trying on random cloths that made us look ridiculous. We were done at 3:15. On our way home Shay asked me about One Direction. When I told him about meeting them after school on Monday and he asked me if he could come with me. I told him that I would ask.

When I got home Harry called. We talked for hours about the incident at the mall, and my little sister. Finally I asked if Shay could hang out with us after school on Monday, I had to whisper because as far as my parents knew I was going to my friend’s house. He asked the others and told me that Shay was fine to come over with me. I smiled knowing I could play a trick on Shay now.


An thanks for no hate I take that stuff seriously because I love to write and I love that people are liking this and Favoriting this I hope to write more in my other books soon. Hey I need new character Ideas in some of my books so leave suggestions down below don't forget to check out my other movellas too

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