Angel is living with vampires,and has been all her life . One Direction end up speaking at her school , what will she do when the boys tell her .well read to find out what happens to this crazy girl.sorry changed it becuse of terrible writers block.


3. The Diner Date


Wow One Direction is our guest speaker .I couldn’t believe it all the girls are going to flip. Shay was saving my seat so I hurried off and I got in he gave me a hug. About five minutes later the boys come out. They were talking about so random topics and jobs. After the assembly my teacher told me I should sign up for the vocal lessons. She knows my voice is amazing but she says it can only get better.

          I decided to sign up. Who knows I could see my twin. I was a big 1D fan so why not. I get to the sign-up sheet and see it was empty weird I thought by know it would be full. I see Liam and Louis talking I thought I saw him point at me but then again I could be mistaken. I shrug it off and sign up. Harry walks over and introduces himself.

“Hi I’m Harry, Harry Styles.”

“Hello I’m Angel, Angel Foster. It’s nice to meet you Harry.”

“Angel, after schools do you want to get dinner with the boys and me?”

“Um… Sure why not let me tell my parents. “I said while getting my phone out I text my dad and tell him what the plan is and to be careful.

Harry’s band mates are coming over. Omg I am meeting the whole band.

“Hey Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis, Come meet this girl Angel.”

“Harry you can’t call every girl an angel. “Liam says. Harry blushed.

“No my name is Angel. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh now I feel stupid. “Liam says.

“That’s okay guys okay you didn’t know. Oh yeah guys she is going to eat with us after school. “Harry says casually.

“Um Harry can I talk to you really quick, um how bought a band meeting actually.”

“Okay.” Harry says obviously hating the idea.

“Well I have to go to class so see you after school.”


Harry point of view


          The guys are probably going to be mad at me for doing that but who cares. We are all vampires and by the smell of it so was she. So of course when Liam called for a band meeting I was mad. She said good bye, and went off to class.

Louis looked mad, so did the others but he looked the maddest.

“What she’s a vampire guys you said anyone but humans and she’s not human.”

“Yeah about that she has vampire parents she is adopted. She is human but smells vampire. I know this because when we bumped in to each other earlier I felt the warmth radiate off her body. She is still human. So she is off limits.”

“What am I going to do tell her it’s off? That’s just mean. “

“Yea I guess so but do you want us to be accidently exposed.”

“No I guess not. Look we will have one diner date with her then we will move to the next town.”

“That may work.” They say in unison.

I go to town and pick up some flowers and things girls like. I think I may be falling in love.


Angels point of view at dinner with One Direction

We ate at The Olive Garden. It was really fun to be there. Some kids came up to ask if we were dating. I didn’t mind. The boys seemed tense that was weird I thought they were fun and bubbly. I was checking my phone because Shay had been texting me the whole time. The glass from the window goes flying and pieces go in my skin and seamed to bounce off the boys. I felt the pieces of glass everywhere. It hurt so bad, I didn’t dare move my arm. The room had been spinning and I heard yelling. I couldn’t move. Harry and Louis grabbed me and told the medics that I had fainted. I wanted to scream at them.


AN hey heres the new update hope you like it sorry it took me so long I have been busy and had writers block

I woke up in a daze I felt the silkiness of the sheets. Weird I thought I had put my cotton ones on instead. I hear noises downstairs. I was terrified. So would you if you didn’t know where you were and how you got there.

I got out of the bed in curiosity.  As soon as I do I feel pain shoot up my arm, neck ,and shoulder. The pain caused me to scream. I heard people run up the stairs but I didn’t see who it was because I blacked out.

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