Angel is living with vampires,and has been all her life . One Direction end up speaking at her school , what will she do when the boys tell her .well read to find out what happens to this crazy girl.sorry changed it becuse of terrible writers block.


4. morning


Chapter 3

This time I wake up two incredibly cute guys are sitting in front of me. I remembered the glass shattering and them not getting a single cut. This boy band is not normal. I was sure of about two things at this moment. One the band One Direction is not human, and two Harry Styles is Truly, Madly, Deeply in love with me.

-Harrys pov-

I am sure that the girl who’s name is as angelic as she is, knew something’s different with us and I am in love with her. I knew I should just abandon her but she is so different than all the other humans. Why couldn’t this be easier? She was so pretty I wish we went attacked during the dinner date. I hoped she would give me a new chance. I am in love with her and I hope she is forgiving.

-         Angels pov –

I asked what happened and they said the window broke. I don’t believe that. Windows don’t just break. Someone or something broke the window. Who would do that? Harry carried me downstairs and set me on the couch. Louis and Liam were eating. Louis got up and sat next to me. I was sure he was the one who hated. Just then I remembered my phone. I grabbed it and called my parents to come and pick me up. They said it would be a half-hour. Harry comes back into the room with a plate of eggs and sausage.

“Here you go Ally, I can call you Ally right?”

“Yeah I don’t mind. All my friends call me Ally or Ally Cat.”

“Ally Cat?”

“Yeah My full name is Angel Kitty Foster.”

“I love cats!” Harry shouted and I laughed.

After a little the doorbell rings and Liam gets up to answer it.

“Ally your mum here.” He shouted a little louder than needed. I got up and said good bye, Harry gave me a big hug.

“Awe how cute wittle Harry and Ally are hugging.” I recognized the voice as Zayn.

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